7 Reasons Why People Take You For Granted


Sometimes when you start giving importance to other people more than anything else and you make them feel that you are always there for them whatever situations may be; this is the time when these people start taking you for granted! This is probably because they know that even if they behave badly with you; you will always be standing there for them. Here are 7 other reasons why people take you for granted:

Why People Take You For Granted

1. You are compromising

When the other people know that you will go according to them; then it becomes much easier for them to play with your emotions. They know your compromising attitude and the adjustable nature and that’s the reason they start taking you for granted. So, if your true worth has not been realized by those people to whom you have given enough space in your life; then it is the right time to make them realize your existence.

People Take You For Granted

2. They rule your life

There are some people in life who makes you smile and also at times, becomes the reason of your tears. And when these people realize that they are your weak point and their importance matters much to you; they start taking you for granted. And due to this, you also make them realize that they are superior to you and thus, those people starts doing the unexpected things by taking you for granted.

3. You fear to lose them

Fear can make people do those things also which they never thought of doing! This fear may be about anything like fear of losing some loving persons, fear of getting neglected in the family or fear of given less priority in the friend circle. This fear inside you can make other people drive you in their own way and thus, they take you for granted. So, it is advisable that you should run towards your fear and try hard to conquer it; because the more you let your fear go over you, the more it will haunt you and make your life a hell!

4. You want them badly

Obsession of someone may lead you to do each and everything for that someone; so that they can stay in your life. You think that you won’t be able to spend a happy life without them and that’s when your weak point gets caught and the other people starts taking you for granted. So if you are a person who is constantly giving other people an opportunity to ignore you and take you for granted; then it is a high time for you to take control of your urges and even try to acquire the things much in a natural way.

People Take You For Granted

5. You never expect credits

You do certain things for the other persons to make them happy; but you don’t expect any sort of appreciation. That’s when those people don’t realize your importance as they are unaware of all the things you did for them. Thus, they start taking you for granted.

6. You love them

People around you thinks that you won’t leave them anytime as you love them. But this love of yours does not guarantee that the other people is not using you or taking you for granted. Love can actually make you slave and you would even do the things which are not expected out of you. And that’s the reason they do things which please them more and might even become self-centred by ignoring you.

7. You don’t use the Veto Power

There is a missing word in your dictionary, ‘NO!’ You never say NO to anyone, even when you are in some trouble; still you help the other person and don’t say no to them! So, try to utilize the Veto Power in all such situations where you are falling prey to someone, as there should be a time when these persons should also face the reality!

People Take You For Granted

Also, you always bend in situations even when you are not wrong and thus the other person starts taking you for granted. So save yourself from being the one who is taken for granted and also try that you don’t take other people for granted!

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