10 Indian Celebrities Who Have Adopted Kids


When we talk about adoption, we directly link it as an option for those couples who are unable to have children biologically. But these days, it has a different angle. Many couples, single men and women have willingly come ahead to adopt kids. This came into light when celebrities started adopting children, despite of having biological kids or being able to have biological kids.

Take a look at 10 Bollywood celebrities who have adopted kids.

Indian Celebrities,Adopted Kids,Bollywood

1. Susmita Sen

Renee was Susmita Sen’s her first adopted daughter, which came after fighting a long legal battle. Susmita was the first Indian celebrity who adopted a child as a single mom. After Renee, she adopted her second child, who she named Alisah. Susmita is now a proud mom of two very beautiful daughters.


Indian Celebrities,Adopted Kids,Bollywood

2. Mithun Chakravarty

One of the most popular and talked about superstars of Bollywood. Mithun adopted a girl who was found lying in a garbage bin. His adopted daughter was named Ishani. Along with Mithun’s three sons Namashi, Rimoh and Mimoh, Ishani has now grown up as a beautiful lady.


Indian Celebrities,Adopted Kids,Bollywood


3. Salim Khan

B-town’s famous director and superstar Salman Khan’s father, Salim Khan had adopted his daughter Arpita. When she was adopted, she was a very small girl and now has become the heart of the Khan family. Arpita is always seen around with her family. Recently Arpita got married to Aayush Sharma, who is a Delhi based businessman.


Indian Celebrities,Adopted Kids,Bollywood


4. Subhash Ghai

Another Bollywood director along with his family adopted a little girl and named her Meghna. She has now grown up and perused her higher studies in London. Presently Meghna is looking after her own production school ‘Whistling Woods’. The entire Ghai family loves Meghna, and she was married to Rahul Puri. Subhas Ghai also has a biological daughter, her name is Muskaan.


Indian Celebrities,Adopted Kids,Bollywood


5. Dibakar Banerjee

He is the director of the popular movie ‘Khosla Ka Ghosla’. Dibakar and his wife Richa adopted a little girl from the orphanage located Mumbai. They named their daughter Ira.



Indian Celebrities,Adopted Kids,Bollywood

6. Shobhana

Shobhana is one of the popular actresses from South-Indian. She is from Kerala. Shobhana adopted Ananthanarayani, a little baby girl. Her rice eating ceremony was celebrated in the Guruvayur temple.


Indian Celebrities,Adopted Kids,Bollywood


7. Raveena Tandon

She ruled over Bollywood for pretty long. Raveena adopted two girls when she was 21 years of age and was one of the leading heroines in the Hindi cinema. Her daughters were named as Pooja and Chhaya. Pooja is now married and Chhaya is working as an event manager. Raveena also has two biological children Ranbir and Rasha.


Indian Celebrities,Adopted Kids,Bollywood


8. Nikhil Advani

The well-known director of popular movies like, Salame-e-Ishq, Kuch Kuch Hota Hain and Kal Ho Na Ho. Nikhil along with his wife Suparna, adopted Keya. She was 4 years old when she was adopted. Nikhil loves to spend time with his daughter.



Indian Celebrities,Adopted Kids,Bollywood


9. Kunal Kohli

Yet another renowned director in Bollywood. Kunal along with his wife adopted a pretty baby girl and named her Radha. The process of adoption was very lengthy, this was to ensure that adopted babies get a secured environment and grow up as happy adults.


Indian Celebrities,Adopted Kids,Bollywood


10. Sandip Soparkar

Sandip Soparkar is a famous dance instructor. He adopted a baby boy and named him Arjun. He took care of Arjun as a single dad since 2007. He is now married to his girlfriend Jesse Randhawa. Sandip is probably known as the first male to have adopted a son in India.



These celebrities are such wonderful examples, of welcoming babies at home in such a different way. Adoption has facilitated many celebrities understand their dream of becoming a parent. Couples and even singles these days are moving forward to enjoy the heart of parenthood through adoption.

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