Young and Vibrant Women are Showing Tendency to Embrace Liberlism!

  • Nothing much should be read into the above subject matter since society around the world continues to remain patriarchal, and misogynistic, and cultivate an anachronistic mindset considering women as inferior to men on most socio-economic parameters. Undeniably, modern governments around the world have initiated several concrete measures to usher in gender parity where bias, inequality, and the absence of a level playing field render women at a great disadvantage. The Indian scenario is no different when women confront no difference in the old habit of being treated as second-class citizens despite the former making their presence felt in every field hitherto considered male domains.


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  • To be fair, certain actions initiated by the concerted efforts of all stakeholders have started yielding the desired results slowly and plausibly. Social mores too are changing as can be seen in the Indian context as well. But certain deeply ingrained beliefs, customs, and traditions have remained untouched. One such aspect is what we will touch upon here. Thus, it made for an interesting read when no less than Indra Nooyi said that when she was accepted into Yale in 1978, her mother’s first response was, to get married. Because no single woman is going to go to the United States. Fast forward to today. Nearly half the students applying for overseas courses and those seeking financial assistance to fund their studies are women, data analysis by ET indicates.
  • And most of them are likely single. At least in the experience of these women, attitudes of the Great Indian Family have undergone a sea change. In a virtuous circle, so has their self-confidence. Education consultants indicate that applications from female students have jumped from 20-30% in FY21 to 40-45% in FY24. That’s a dramatic jump. It’s not confined to the metros either. Non-metro cities and small towns are behaving similarly. Young, educated women are making economically and socially bold decisions. To pursue success in their rights. Take udaan for instance. One authentic survey found that even as educated men and women now have no difference in their career aspirations, the latter tend towards liberalism much more.



  • Note that women are more likely to have close friendships outside their caste, religion, and gender. Also, liberal attitudes between Gen Z women and men seem to be undergoing a global divergence in the advanced as well as most developed nations. Indeed, there may be ways in which collective experiences like the pandemic or the preceding #MeToo movement have propelled collective attitudinal shifts. However, what’s certain is what’s taken momentum is very, very powerful. What definitely can be construed from the above is the anachronistic practices are being challenged with an attempt to break the long-erected social ceilings where women found themselves oppressed for millenniums. Not anymore. Patriarchy, you have been warned.

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