Is It Wise to Rest Jasprit Bumrah from the Crucial 4th Test Match?

Jasprit Bumrah
  • The Indian pace magician Jasprit Bumrah is newly crowned No.1 Test bowler in the world. He has achieved this remarkable achievement courtesy of a slew of spectacular performances over the last few years leading up to the much-coveted coronation. Any true cricket connoisseurs would know that Jasprit Bumrah is not only a gifted bowler blessed with such unique delivery action but also endowed with awe-inspiring varieties having bamboozled top-notch batters around the world with sheer talent. No wonder, Bumrah climbed to the top of the bowling ranks on the back of consistently inspirational performances. Did someone mention that he is a nature’s gift to Indian cricket meant to usher in tremendous glories in the coming years? Undoubtedly.

Jasprit Bumrah

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  • The keen followers of Indian cricket would have noticed the monumental progress of Bumrah in all formats of the game. People keeping track of his growth would have noticed how the pace ace was initially categorized as a white-ball exponent. Having started representing Team India in T20s and 50-over formats, the introduction of Bumrah into the classic format of the game completely altered the equations. In no time, the pacer established himself as an all-format bowler with a keen eye on the nuances of the game and also exhibited sound knowledge about reading situations. He is intelligent, experimental, and not afraid to challenge even when the opposition batter is going hammer and tongs against the bowling team.
  • In the ongoing five-match Test series between India and England, Bumrah has been outstanding, to say the least. He is not only the leading wicket-taker in the series so far but has fashioned the result to go in favor of the home Team in the last two Tests with astonishing performances. His ability to produce wicket-taking deliveries like a yorker at will has meant Team India emerge victorious from seemingly awkward situations. Bumrah’s ability to be lethal with the old ball is a skill very few bowlers possess that goes a long way in helping the team’s cause when the chips appear to be down. The English batters, even those set, have found it extremely discomforting to handle Bumrah’s probing deliveries. If so, why rest him from the crucially poised 4th Test?

Jasprit Bumrah

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  • The test series is led by Team India 2-1 with two more to go. By the time you read this, the 4th Test would have already commenced in Ranchi. However, the team management has decided to rest the premier bowler for this Test as part of the workload management of the cricketers. Come to think of it, if Bumrah’s booming presence would have ensured Team India to close the series with an unassailable 3-1 lead, then why rest him now? Remember, England’s Joe Root is struggling to score runs in the series and Bumrah has been his nemesis for some time now. What if Root scores big? The pacer could have been rested after the Ranchi result. Is he going to be rested from the ensuing IPL set to commence in March as part of workload management? No way.

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