Women Should Have Freedom Over Their Bodies!

  • Any civilized society wishing to be termed as advanced looking should ensure gender parity is accorded top-most priority where a level playing field for all concerned should rule the roost without any compromise whatsoever. However, since times immemorial, women have encountered tremendous challenges vis-à-vis gender parity, equality, unbiased treatment, and much-needed respect from the misogynistic and patriarchy-driven society.  Men have piled upon unmitigated miseries on women not only to subject them through irrational prejudices but also steadfastly refused to concede grounds allowing the latter to claim their rightful place in society.

PC: Rachel Pelta

  • The present-day societal advancements on several fronts have had little bearing on the as-yet skewed thinking that persists as indifference towards women continues unabated. One thought some of the most advanced and developed nations would have made palpable progression in not only accommodating women with due recognition but also ensuring the availability of level-playing fields.  Indeed, women’s rights, freedom, and independence in choosing what they prefer should have taken precedent over everything else.  Sadly, despite awe-inspiring technical advancements and developments visible around the globe, some of the moves emanating from an advanced nation like the United States of America over women’s rights are quite sickening.
  • For instance, women’s rights which are decades in the making can disappear overnight, was proved recently in the USA. The US Supreme Court overruled the 1973 Roe vs Wade decision and eliminated the constitutional right to abortion.  At the level of US healthcare, it will have a swift impact on the ground, with around half the states in the country expected to now ban all or most abortions.  Moreover, in political terms, it means a great setback for Biden’s presidency and a proportionate affirmation of Trump’s.  Indeed, the conservating movement will be very grateful for his judicial appointments that have enabled their wish-fulfillment.  Nonetheless, this is a serious setback for the movement for women’s bodily autonomy, and for the larger idea that she gets to make decisions about herself.  It is a disappointing ruling looked at from any angle.

PC: Stephanie Kuo

  • Some statistics are quite revealing too. Half a century ago when women won the right to abortion, only 20% of those aged between 25-34 were without a child as compared to 52% today, and only 11% of those between 25-44 had a college degree as compared to 41% today and only 17% jobs in management for people aged 16-44 were held by women as compared to 45% today.  Mind you, reproductive freedoms are deeply linked to economic freedoms too.  Remember, in India neither is this a political issue nor is any conservative judicial revisiting of abortion rights on the table.  However, it is a cautionary tale on not taking any assaults on women’s rights lightly, for they can snowball into society-wide tragedies.  Thus, the saga of women’s suppression continues.

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Krishna MV
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