Undoubtedly, T20 Cricket has Reinvented Batsmanship Like Never Before!

  • Make no mistake, cricket connoisseurs would never hesitate to vouch with conviction about their profound preferences for the longest form of the game. Five-day Test cricket has a unique allure that cannot be replicated in any other format of the game. Yes, the longer format may appear to the uninitiated to be long-winded and aimless for five days. Indeed, until the last two decades or so, Test match cricket was rather dull, with only sporadic thrills and frills to keep fans interested in the format. Of course, there is no denying that test cricket is the purest form, as it not only tests a cricketer’s ability to perform and showcase skills but also provides an equal contest for both the bat and the ball. 

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  • No cricketer worth their salt will ever deny that they harbor aspirations to one day represent their nation in the game’s longest format. And the standard by which any cricketer’s value will be evaluated will be whatever they accomplish on the pitch during the format. As a result, Test matches draw sizable crowds from traditional cricket-playing nations like England, Australia, New Zealand, and India. Outstanding performances in the format consistently receive high praise from knowledgeable fans. Cricket needed to change to keep up with the times, just like every other aspect of life does. Thus, the introduction of the fifty-over format in the 1970s brought about much-needed changes to the then-commonly depressing game of cricket.
  • The fifty-over format revolutionized the way cricket was played, bringing with it sponsors, patrons, and millions of fans who helped the sport gain unprecedented popularity. Since the Kapil Dev-led team won the 1983 Prudential World Cup in England, India has made significant contributions to cricket. For the game, there was simply no turning back. In India, the sport’s appeal and acceptance increased dramatically. Given the game’s size and escalating consumer popularity, it makes sense that the majority of its revenue is generated domestically. With the introduction of the T20 format, the sport of cricket has reached completely unbelievable heights in terms of fandom. The franchise-based T20 leagues have developed into significant moneymakers.

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  • The way batsmen are decimating bowlers gives the impression that the format is heavily biased in their favor. The paying customers won’t moan because the slam-bang variety consistently provides entertainment where fours and sixers pour down nonstop. Modern batsmen play in a completely alien manner. Some of the batsmen are capable of 360-degree strokes that will confuse anyone. No boundary is safe because the batsmen can easily clear it with their strength. In the current IPL season, there have already been record chases of 200+ points and extra innings. Test matches have also been positively impacted by T20 cricket, which encourages teams to strive for victory. Fans of cricket are pleased!

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