The Opposition Ranks Must Come up with Alternative Narrative!

  • People closely following the political fortunes of India would have hoped that the opposition parties would come together to pose a strong retort to the formidable election machinery of the Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance as the parliamentary elections are nearby. The BJP’s relentless march ahead with its never-ending election machinery going full throttle is an amazing example of how a political party must showcase prowess in impressing the electorate. As they say, defeat and win are part of the game, and politics is not exempt from the same. Win or lose, the BJP election machinery is always prepared to chug along with a single-minded devotion to disseminate various schemes and developmental agendas of the party.


PC: Jagran

  • As you are aware, the crucial Lok Sabha elections are just a couple of months away and the parties are gearing up with their preparations to ace the polls. Several alliances have already been forged, and some last-minute adjustments too are underway. Of course, leaders can be expected to jump the ship to land where they think it would be electorally yielding. Did someone mention what about ideologies and long-held beliefs? What is it? Political calculations always trump the ideologies and beliefs, you see. Looking around the political churning in the country suggests the BJP has a distinct advantage as compared to the opposition ranks who are forced to catch up. Prima facie, the BJP appears to be on a strong wicket as compared to the opposition ranks.
  • Congress has succeeded in finalizing the seat-sharing arrangements with some of the crucial partners like the Aam Aadmi Party and Samajwadi Party, respectively. The moot point to ponder over here is whether these arrangements yield electoral dividends on expected lines. As the senior partner with a legacy of history and achievements, Congress has struggled to halt the relentless march of the BJP. Moreover, Congress has yielded considerable grounds to regional parties in several states leading to reduced traction and heft. As such, regional parties have succeeded in eliciting favorable eat-sharing arrangements at the cost of the Grand Old party. Mind you, the Trinamool Congress in West Bengal has categorically ruled out any alliance.

Rajiv Gandhi

PC: The Economic Times

  • Much was expected from Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Nyaya Yatra, but the ongoing endeavor is visibly failing to enthuse the electorate. Incessantly throwing barbs at Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become a favourite agenda for Rahul without ever comprehending whether such attacks eventually yield any decisive benefit at all. Going by past experience, Modi is bound to use those barbs aimed at him to his advantage through shrewd rhetoric that instantly influences the people. The consecration of Lord Ram is a huge electoral issue, and the BJP will milk it for sure. Now, Rahul Gandhi questioning the composition of the invited personalities during the consecration ceremony is only going to present the BJP with yet another opportunity to beat Congress.

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