Rohit Sharma’s Series Win Observation Makes Imminent Sense!

Rohit Sharma
  • Any true-blood cricketer worth his salt would be not mincing words in vouching that the ultimate form of cricket is the five-day Tests. The real battle of wits, showcasing skills over five days, twists and twirls, excitement associated, and a level-playing field for both the bat and the ball is much appreciated in the longer version of the game. The battle between the quality teams endowed with performers equipped to showcase talent in diverse conditions would strive in the classical format rather than the slam-bang variety. Moreover, a cricketer’s true worth comes to the fore only in the longer version of the game and the statistics achieved in the format would remain a legacy worthy of emulation. Ask renowned cricketers.

Rohit Sharma

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  • Of course, the shorter versions vis-à-vis 50-over and 20-over respectively have carved out a separate niche for themselves over the years bringing in much-needed traction for the sport’s popularity to spread. Including the moolah. Nonetheless, Test cricket alone is considered the ultimate form where a cricketer’s legacy gets etched in the annals of history forever. Team India in all formats is positioned superbly courtesy of the huge popularity of the game where thousands of talented wannabe cricketers emerge from different corners of the country. The Indian Premier League has completely transformed the way cricket is played in the country and beyond simply because the revenue generated here is humongous.
  • However, the advent of shorter and the shortest format has certainly dented the popularity of Test cricket since the slam-bang variety offers instant entertainment where the bat mostly dominates the ball. Thankfully, the ongoing five-match Test series between India and England has witnessed an engrossing contest between the bat and the ball and brought appreciable crowds to the stadiums. Yes, the contest between the two sides has been top class but the home team has already won the series 3-1 with the last Test still to be played. Several Indian players were blooded during the Test series, and they displayed amazing temperament by coming up with match-winning knocks fully utilizing the opportunities.

Rohit Sharma

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  • Dhruv Jurel and Akash Deep showcased their phenomenal talent. The young and dashing opener Yashaswi Jaiswal so new to the Test arena has already notched up three big hundreds including two back-to-back double centuries. During the press conference after the series win, Rohit Sharma made a general observation saying it takes hunger, grit, and determination to succeed in Test matches and only those with these characteristic traits will be extended opportunities. This statement makes imminent sense since to succeed at this level, a cricketer must be endowed with hunger as well as sheer grit and determination. Going through the grind is inescapable. Will the Gen Z cricketers respond positively? Let’s see.

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