The Duped Indian Youths are Pushed Into the War Front! Government Should Step In!

Duped Indian Youths
  • The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war continues to meander along without any signs of thawing despite the global community led by the United Nations attempting to make the parties see the worthlessness of a conflict producing more misery by the day. Thousands of innocent lives are lost, and so is the case with properties worth billions. It takes persistent efforts to build a nation to the desired levels, but the uncalled-for and ill-advised conflicts simply snatch away all those assiduously constructed semblance of growth prospects in no time. Despite the international community and leadership imposing stringent sanctions on Russia, there hardly exists any signs to show Moscow is reeling from those restrictions. The global community has found a way to circumvent the sanctions to safeguard their interests vis-à-vis crucial energy requirements.

Vladimir Putin

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  • Meanwhile, the Russian strongman Vladimir Putin has further consolidated his position on the administration by winning the Presidential election hands down. Ukraine is struggling with the relentless onslaught but has bravely held fort to thwart further advancement by the Russian forces. The aid extended by the global community led by the United States of America has kept the Ukrainian forces battle-ready. However, a disturbing revelation of Indian youths duped by agents and taken to the Ukraine-Russia war frontline must be deeply worrying for the administration. What was considered a one-off case appears to be deeper than earlier thought, showcasing the sinister intentions of the agents duping the gullible and desperate youths.
  • As reported recently, two men from Haryana -who were lucky to return home – have claimed more than 200 South Asian men are trapped in camps along the Russia-Belarus border where they are being forced to join the Russian army to fight in Ukraine. If they refuse, they are tortured and threatened with dire consequences including 10 years’ imprisonment. A network of agents is preying on Indian youths. The two Haryana men were promised jobs in Germany but were taken to Thailand and then Belarus where their ordeal began. Putin’s regime may be slyly trying to replace the massive number of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine by forcibly recruiting foreigners. And agents appear to be on Moscow’s payroll. This is disturbing news indeed.


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  • Unhesitatingly, serious questions need to be asked of Russia here. It told Nepal – hundreds of whose citizens are reportedly serving in the Russian army, and at least 20 of whom have been killed in the war – that many youths had traveled to Russia illegally. If that is the case, Moscow should deport them, not march them to the war front of all the places. Of course, these youths are looking for better economic opportunities. With a lack of steady jobs at home, they are willing to try their luck in foreign countries. Sensing an opportunity to make quick bucks, unscrupulous agents are luring gullible youngsters under false promises. New Delhi must directly talk to Moscow to ensure all such Indians are facilitated to return home. This should be prioritized.