Of Course, the BJP’s Quest to Provide Corruption-Free Administration is a Mirage!

  • The BJP-led National Democratic Alliance has successfully built up a narrative that offers the citizens a substantial glimpse of how the party with a difference is leaving no stone unturned in providing a corruption-free administration by targeting the opposition political leaders. Statutory institutions like the Enforcement Directorate, CBI, and I-T department are targeting the opposition political party leaders by citing wrongdoings. Several prominent political leaders are behind bars including high-profile personalities like ex-CM of Jharkhand Hemant Soren and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. As you are aware, the ED has been serving summons to both leaders over the last few months. Subsequent arrests are the result of supposed non-cooperation from them.


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  • We know how the opposition INDIA bloc is struggling to stay united despite a lack of consensus courtesy of the Lok Sabha seat arrangements and/or selection of candidates to take on the might of the formidable election machinery of the BJP. The arrest of Kejriwal has galvanized the opposition ranks who were there in full witness for a rally to oppose the move recently. The moot point to ponder over here is whether the arrest would act as a catalyst for the opposition parties to finally come together on a common platform without showing signs of dissent/discord among themselves. Unlikely, since Congress is not only fighting the BJP in several states but also must contend with powerful regional parties who cannot side with the INDIA bloc just like that.
  • Expectedly, the rally saw rousing speeches by the attending leaders consistently sending out a message against the BJP. Of course, opposition leaders all appear to have found a common cause – finally – in spearheading their Lok Sabha campaigns on governance issues. Correctly, the leaders focused on the job crisis, unemployment, MSP support, and price rise interspersed with allegations of autocratic rule filling the air. But it was in the articulation of unemployment and inflation that a common agenda emerged. Mind you, turnout swings poll outcomes. BJP’s booth management is clinical, it piled on votes in 2019, winning over 50% of polled votes on many seats. To give themselves a fighting chance, opposition parties must ensure their voters turn up.



  • Yes, Congress is annoyed that their bank accounts are seized by the income tax department. On top of it, the tax penalties running into thousands of crores too must have further riled the Grand Old Party. Moreover, seat-sharing and working at cross purposes are a common hindrance for the INDIA bloc even as the Lok Sabha polling date fast approaches. Bickering among the bloc parties would serve little and will prove to be advantageous to the BJP-led NDA. Notably, the BJP is far better organized and far ahead in poll prep led by a determined politician. Nonetheless, whether central agencies’ action passes the smell test is a question opposition leaders will keep asking. Ultimately, that issue has as much voter traction as the question the opposition needs to ask.