Pregnabit: New Device Enables Pregnant Women Self-Monitor Baby’s Growth

Pregnabit, Pregnancy,Pregnant Women,Self-monitor Pregnancy

One of the happiest phase of a woman’s life is pregnancy and also the onset of motherhood isn’t it? But this phase comes along with a whole new set of concerns. Along with loads of concerns comes one of the major concern which is the Baby’s health of course. And almost all of the mom to be take a huge load of stress for it. But do you think taking stress helps? None of the doctors recommend mother to be to take stress during their entire pregnancy as it has some negative effects on the mother’s as well as the baby’s health. But here I bring a good news for you Pregnabit a new device has been introduced, which can help pregnant women self-monitor their baby’s growth. Let’s know more about this great product.

Monitor Your Baby’s Growth With Pregnabit

This new device is called Pregnabit. It aims to detect and prevent any possible threats for pregnancy. Check out 7 interesting things about Pregnabit.

Pregnabit, Pregnancy,Pregnant Women,Self-monitor Pregnancy

1. Created By Scientist From Poland

Pregnabit an innovative portable device created by the scientists from Poland. This device enables pregnant women to self-examine the state of their unborn baby.

2. Monitor Any Threat To Un-Born Baby

Pregnant women can monitor their babies heart rate, baby’s hypoxia, early detection of placenta abruption and baby being tied with the umbilical cord.

Pregnabit, Pregnancy,Pregnant Women,Self-monitor Pregnancy

3. Can Save Baby’s Life

As the device can detect any threat to the baby, it can help in saving the baby’s life. According to Patrycja Wizinska-Socha, a researcher working on this device- “Early detection of threats contributes to quicker reaction and implementing suitable medical procedure. Thus the baby’s life can be saved by, for example, performing caesarean section”

4. Portable & Small Device

Pregnabit is a very portable and small device so it enables the pregnant women easily self-perform the examinations ant time and also at any place. This device has been made by using professional probes like a traditional cardiotocography technology (CTG) device.

Pregnabit, Pregnancy,Pregnant Women,Self-monitor Pregnancy

5. Quick Examination & Results

The device is simply attached to the belly of a pregnant woman with a special belt. It takes 30 minutes for the examination and once the device collects the data it sends it to a medical tele-monitoring centre. At the tele-monitoring centre the report is analysed by some well-qualified personnel.

Pregnabit, Pregnancy,Pregnant Women,Self-monitor Pregnancy


6. Available For Sale in 2016

The wonderful device is expected be available for sale in the markets by the end of 2016. At its initial launch it will be aimed doctors, midwives and schools of childbirth.

Isn’t this an amazing bit of news. Imagine how stress free the life of pregnant ladies will become with Pregnabit. Hope it hits the market soon! So that pregnant woman can enjoy each and every moment of their pregnancy to the fullest.

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