Overcoming COVID 19 Imposed Boredom


Many would concur and many would vehemently oppose too as well but fact of the matter is that we have all braced up the lockdown in differing measures.  Some welcoming the government imposed confinement with open arms and mind. Equally, many are loath to observe such a moratorium owing to misplaced priorities overtaking practical necessities. Especially noteworthy challenge will be forthcoming from the younger lot who are not exposed to tying up for days together within the comforts of their respective homes.

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Keeping them engaged certainly poses challenges for the parents’ and such a scenario calls for indigenous and improvised tactics to keep the children engaged for a certain amount of time.

Revisiting the healthy habit of reading – including classic narrations or yore – books alongside digital form is definitely worthy of exploration.  Listening to classical, retro and melodious music of yesteryears too would do no harm for sure. Exercising – outdoors, wherever allowed – Yoga and meditation would not only render us fresher by means of inner cleansing but also release us from unwittingly accumulated trash out of our bodily.  With the amount of uncalled for mostly irrelevant information deluge bombarding us over the digital and social media platforms, it’s advisable to clear the clutter from time to time and also embrace any such useful information that propagates the virtues of staying positive amidst the gloom.

Board and other similar forms of games are some tried and trusted indoor activities which could help us in getting rid of the boredom.  Idea is to implore elderly as well as younger members of the family to participate as a group without any exception. Such collective indulgences tend to strengthen the social and familial bonding leading to lighter moments. Also, indulging in long forgotten passion of staying in touch with near and dear ones over available communication modes are absolute stress busters.  Reliving and reminiscing fond memories are another strongly recommended way to beat the blues and trust me, these are absolutely treasurable and pleasurable moments akin to scaling an Everest, no less. Icing on the cake would be those moments when you happen to enjoy the company of like-minded childhood buddies, alas even over a communication instrument.

Of course, television and OTT media platforms too offer a gateway to keep us entertained and engaged but needs to make sure that binge watching is a big no-no.  Remember anything in excess is to be generally dissuaded and television is no exception either. Ultimately, continuing to focus on staying positive is the need of the hour and let us not waste our precious time by adopting a contrarian mindset where doomsday predictions are the order of the day. Stay home, Stay Safe, Stay positive!

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Krishna MV
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