National Power Boost Vis-a-Vis Economy and Military Growth is Imperative!

  • The Annual Vijayadashami speech of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is always awaited with great anticipation expecting the Chief to spell out the envisioned agenda set out for the nation’s growth trajectory in the coming years. With the NDA into its second parliamentary term navigating amidst challenging times wrought upon us by the raging pandemic, the RSS Chief’s exhortations assume significance as the organization enjoys ideological influence and links with the major constituent of the NDA, the BJP.
  • Just to rejig the people’s memory, even before the pandemic struck, there were enough burning issues including but not restricted to CAA-NRC, Article 370, economy, and freedom of speech, etc.

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  • Coming close on the heels of the pandemic induced economic stalemate, subsequent allowing of activities, and general hardships encountered by the common people, the Chinese misadventure in the Galwan Valley prompting strengthening of the line of actual control (LAC) with massive troop mobilization on both sides along with heavy deployment of armaments has turned out to be a major sticking point.  None of the issues can be ignored nor pushed aside nonchalantly.
  • With the first quarter of the GDP showing a 23 percent contraction, enough indicators about the challenges confronting the government need no further emphasis. In this backdrop, Mohan Bhagwat’s noteworthy assertions to take on the Chinese might and challenge by positioning India on comparable terms vis-à-vis military and economic strength is a not only pragmatic assessment of the situation but also further burnishes the thought processes of the NDA dispensation’s well-calibrated moves so far not yielding into the pressure tactics of China,unlike earlier times.


  • It’s a no-brainer to comprehend that the Chinese pose the biggest strategic-security challenge for us and Beijing’s unchecked hectoring neighbouring countries primarily stem from a meteoric rise in economic and military growth. In comparison, Indian contribution to the world’s GDP is insignificant 3 percent though 18 percent global population resides here.  Glaring imbalance establishes our considerable lack of traction on world matters as the Chinese have fared monumentally in the last few decades with unmasked aspirations to even topple the USA.
  • Indian robust and aggressive military response has prompted Beijing to pause on its track expecting subservient posturing as usual but given the asymmetrical military prowess, Beijing is all set to bleed us further with prohibitively expensive prolonged eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation being played out at inhospitable terrains. Indications are evident that China is eyeing formalizing LAC into LOC (line of control) in the event of military and diplomatic level talks yielding very little going forward.In this backdrop, Bhagwat’s assertions of growth through harping on the failed swadeshi economics model stands in contrast to China’s export-driven model.

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  • Not rocket science to comprehend that every emerging nation has succeeded in rapidly pushing up exports is at the forefront of growing quickly as compared to the protectionist swadeshi model. Make no mistake, if the Indian economy must be counted and respected amongst the world order, our policymakers will have to ramp up an export-driven commercial model to shore up our ambitions in line with the global practices rather than misfiring protectionist moves.  Once introduced, military and economic growth will receive much needed boost in the coming years.

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