Meaningless Bilateral T20 Cricket Series Should be Resisted!

  • The cricket lovers in India usually relish anything on offer when the home team is lined up against an opposition whatever standing at the time maybe. Yes, we were all starved of quality cricket when the pandemic-induced restrictions did not allow the game to proceed ahead for quite a long period. Even when the games were eventually allowed, the restrictions imposed on the limited number of spectators getting into the stadiums made die-hard enthusiasts crave for more. This was largely supplemented by the television broadcast to satiate the cricket-hungry patrons. The hugely popular Indian Premier League ensued, followed by the T20 world cup in the United Arab Emirates. The world cup also saw the emergence of Australia as the Champions for the first time.

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  • The team that was defeated by Australia was none other than their Trans-Atlantic neighbors, New Zealand who has emerged as a force to reckon with in the realms of world cricket, whatever the format. The first-ever World Test Championship crown went to the Kiwis, and we all know how heartbreakingly close the team was in crossing the finishing line during the 50 over world cup in 2019. Coming close on the heels of the world cup defeat in the recently concluded final of the T20 format, the New Zealand team ganging against India in a three-match series not only defies logic but also poses dangers of losing the interest quotient of fans howsoever passionate they might be. Simply put, the bilateral series that concluded recently is meaningless.
  • Any series bereft of possible outcome vis-à-vis worthwhile contest fails to invoke expectations, anticipation, excitement, buzz, and most importantly, unquestionable following that the game of cricket enjoys in the country. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) officials might argue that the series was planned long back and hence, had to proceed ahead since the broadcasters and sponsors would have already made heavy investments. However, looking from the point of view of spectators and viewers, the three-match series appeared low on intent sorely because of lack of significance. Moreover, with the respective Boards resting some of the marquee players as part of the rotation policy, the zing usually associated with the T20 cricket was missing too.

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  • The moot point to ponder over here is why in their wisdom the BCCI squeezed in the irrelevant T20 series leading to the raising of questions from several quarters about the shambolic move. The history is replete with several instances of overkill eventually leading to the demise. Of course, the fable of a hen laying golden eggs needs no further iteration either. Amid talks of continuous cricket and being on the road under a stifling secure bio-bubble environment, asking cricketers to take to the field in an inconsequential competition makes no sense at all. Therefore, it is incumbent on the part of Board mandarins to be more scrupulous in the future before freezing in on bilateral series lacking contest which serves little purpose.

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