Best Things You would love to do in Dallas


Dallas is famous for many things; artistic and commercial, pleasant and poignant, and just for simply being big! Big thinking, big ideas, big success. One can’t really hear the name Dallas without thinking of any of those things, especially from the oil and cotton industry point of view and, on a lesser but just as relevant scale, the memory of the country’s beloved president, John F. Kennedy, whose life was so very sadly shortened on a visit to this great city. There are also some wonderful things to enjoy, explore and experiment here, so let’s have a look at the best things to do in Dallas!

1. Food Tours of America

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Getting to know a location you’re visiting doesn’t just stop at sight-seeing, it should also include taste-seeing! Food Tours of America offer an in depth tasting tour of the best cuisines that Dallas has to offer, from mouth watering Mediterranean dishes at Baboush restaurant

2. Old Red Museum

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This is a really interesting venue to take the family to. The red sandstone courthouse was built in 1890 and firstly served as a courthouse, and is now a museum exhibiting some fascinating artifacts, from the prehistoric to current day.

3. Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park Dallas

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If your family enjoys extreme fun, here’s a great opportunity to get your thrills! Zero Gravity Thrill Park features extreme thrill rides which include the 7 story drop Bungee Jumping, the Sky coaster where you will experience the amazing sensation of gliding above 100 ft, Nothin’ but Net, the 16 story free fall attraction, and Texas Blastoff, with its rocket traveling straight up at 70 mph!

4. Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park

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This aquarium had the fantastic idea of building all exhibits and interactive zones kid size, so everything is to eye level! The aquarium has six exhibit areas from which everyone can learn new and fascinating facts about all of our fishy friends.

5. Dallas Panic Room

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For the teenagers and adults of the family, a really fun, challenging experience can be had at The Panic Room, where teams join forces to try and escape a locked and themed room within a given time. The winners get their pictures taken and are ‘immortalized’ on the Survivor Board!


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