7 Most Amazing, Miraculous & Fascinating Flowers Of The World!


If you are one of those who are nature enthusiast, then I am pretty much sure that you will be amazed and stunned by the brilliance of colors that our Mother Nature provides us. Mother Nature has blessed us with so many beautiful things all around, and flowers are one of them that always make us smile. That’s the reason, all the occasions are been celebrated with beautiful flowers. So, here is a list of 7 most amazing, miraculous and fascinating flowers of the world:

Fascinating flowers of the world!

Fascinating flowers1. Bleeding Heart!

Bleeding Heart is that fascinating flower, which is poisonous! It is found in Siberia, Korea, Northern China and Japan. It is a heart shaped flower and found in pink and white color.



Fascinating flowers2. Torch Ginger!

Torch Ginger is an exceptionally red and waxy flower, which is found in the gardens of the Costa Rica. Its flower buds are often used in preparation of many items, while the flower itself is used for decorative purpose.



Fascinating flowers3. Flame Lily!

Flame Lily is the national flower of Zimbabwe, and they are usually red or yellow flowers. They have wavy edges and belong to Colchicaceae family.



Fascinating flowers4. Huernia Oculata!

Huernia Oculata is one of the most fascinating flowers when it comes to its shape. It grows well in dry climate and well drained soil. It belongs to the Apocynaceae family.



Fascinating flowers5. Sea Poison Tree!

Sea Poison Tree is grown along the streets of India for decorative and shade purposes. They have sickly sweet smell and are amazing looking flowers.



Fascinating flowers6. Bee Orchid!

Bee Orchid is a perennial plant, which produces between 1 to 10 flowers on each spike. It belongs to the Orchid family and comes from the Mediterranean regions.



Fascinating flowers7. Maypop Passion Flower!

Maypop Passion Flower is a fast growing perennial vine, which have climbing or trailing stems along with large and intricate flowers. The flowers come with prominent styles and stamens. It is also renowned as purple passion flower, wild apricot, true passion flower and wild passion vine.

Bird of Paradise is another fascinating flower that produces unusually colorful and exquisitely beautiful flowers, just resembling a bird!

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