5 Unbelievable and Forgotten Foreign Attacks On American Territory!

Foreign attacks

The devastating attacks of 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and the War of 1812 are some of the unforgettable experience of the US citizens. These devastating events can’t be forgotten. But, at the same time, US citizens think that they have tackled all the foreign attacks very well uptil now, except from the aforementioned attacks. However, there are various other foreign attacks on American territory in the past that has proved that the Americans are not so invincible as they believe! Here is a list of 5 unbelievable, unheard and forgotten foreign attacks on American territory:

Forgotten foreign attacks on American territory!

Foreign attacks1. Fire balloon attacks!

During the WWII, the Japanese were lagging behind their enemies in turns of airborne attacks. So, in order to compete with their enemies, their scientists worked hard on air balloons, which have the ability to travel through currents and reach America. And, in 1944, they finally sent many balloons, which landed in regions between Alaska and Arizona; while some even reached Michigan! Some of those balloons are even found recently by forest workers in 2015!

Foreign attacks2. Attack on Orleans!

On 21st July 1918, the German submarine U-156 surfaced near the town of Orleans, Massachusetts in the middle of Cape Cod. At that time, their crew began shelling at the coast and started firing. The United States Life-Saving Service came with rescue operation along with the Navy Airplanes. Also, it was the first time when the United States Naval pilots had engaged a ship in the western Atlantic!

Foreign attacks3. Black Tom explosion!

On 30th July, 1916 during the WWI, a huge explosion had rocked the Black Tom island, with more than 100 tons of explosives going up in flames. For years, the reason for this explosion remained suspicious. Nobody knew whether it happened accidentally or else it was an act of sabotage. Decades later, it was identified and proved that this act was done by Germans as United States was providing arms and ammunition to the British army through this Island!

Foreign attacks4. The Air Raids!

During the WWII, the I-25 Japanese submarine carried an E14Y, a small floatplane bomber. So, instead of using cannons, the crew of this I-25 had used this bomber to drop bombs on the forests of Oregon in order to create mass fire! Ultimately, the bombs were able to create only a few scattered fires as an earlier rain storm had prevented the fire flames from spreading across the large section of forests.

Foreign attacks5. The Thornton Affair!

In the 1840s, the United States of America annexed Texas into its territory. The US citizens were quite happy and were eager to gain new land; but Mexico was not thrilled with that decision. Near the Rio Grande, both the countries have laid claim for that particular piece of property. During this incident, about 70 odd Americans, who were commanded by Seth Thornton, were completely overwhelmed by a massive force of about 2,000 Mexicans!

Over the period of time, all these foreign attacks on the United States have been forgotten deep down in the history. However, irrespective of all these attacks, US grew and developed it in all terms and now stand as a major power in the world.

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