When The Space Responded: The WOW Signal


WOW SignalWe are visiting moons and mars in the quest of life, an alien life. We are very keen and excited to search the life on the outside of the earth. We have often been sending spacecraft in the search of any extra-terrestrial creatures and to know about the structure of the space. For searching the life in the outer space, our scientists are using some signals (may be its radio signals or the other modes of communication) to know the presence of life. But space means a never ending entity, which contains several galaxies, un-counted stars and their arbitraries. We cannot even imagine its structure.

Are we alone in the space?

On August 15, 1977 the first and the last time till date, in the history of mankind the space responded. In 1977, radio astronomer Jerry Ehman was researching on the alien civilization. Jerry was working on SETI (Search for extraterrestrial intelligence) project through observation data from the Big Ear Radio Telescope. Unwittingly, he observed the data signals so interesting and unique that it circles the word WOW. He encircled the signals with a red point and there was an exclamation point.

The alien signal

WOW SignalThe duration of the WOW signals was lasted for 72 seconds on 1420 MHz wave band that Big Ear was able to observe it. Jerry recorded the alphanumeric sequence 6EQUJ5 at 22:16 EST.

The signal came through deep space. The scientists and astronomer were very excited and tried many times to find the signal again. The Big Ear Radio Telescope uses two feed horns to search the origin and depth of the radio signals. The WOW signal was detected in one horn of the signal, but the other horn of the signal from deep space could not be detected. Eventually, it was impossible to analyze the origin of the signal.

Was the signal from space

WOW SignalWhat does this sequence mean? Is it a code sequence of an alien civilization? Does it mean that we are not alone in the space? What are they trying to tell us? Several questions are spinning into our mind till date.

UN’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has forbidden Earth-bound transmitters from using the 1420 MHz frequency. The scientists analyzed that WOW signal source was stationary, hence it could not come from any airplane and there were no moons, plane in position at that time so they ruled out the possibilities of any terrestrial origins.


Tribute to the WOW signal

In the year 2012 on the 35th anniversary of WOW signal, the humanity responded with 10000 twitter messages to the direction of signal, said a big Hello from planet earth.

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