These 10 Unusual Businesses Will Blow Off Your Mind


Unusually strange things are not always popular. Mostly people turn away from anything which is unusual. But yes, uncommon things do get advantage as they get attention from the mass by being strange and unusual.

Invention is a process for development. However, there are some inventions, which are not only hard to believe and will definitely blow off your mind, surprisingly they are worth millions. Some very unusual business ideas have made their inventors millionaires.

Here is a list of such 10 unusual business which are worth million today-


Pet Rock-Business,strange business idea

1. Pet Rock

People love their pets, be it a puppy, kitty, pony or a pair of love-birds, these categories of pets are very common and is very normal. Ever thought of having a tiger as pet , sounds weird but this is not as weird as having a piece of rock as a pet. Very popularly as the ‘Pet Rocks’, comes in a cardboard box , that contains rocks and is filled with straws and breathing holes in the box. Pet Rock is an idea which came to its founders mind when he was sitting in a bar. His idea was appreciated by many people and soon Dahl (founder) became a millionaire by selling around 1.5 million Pet Rocks.


Business,strange business idea


2. Big Mouth Billy Bass

Extremely popular as the ‘Singing Fish’, it is a toy fish which gets activated, when it senses any kind of motion and automatically starts singing. It can be a bit scary for any passerby, but the way this toy sings has attracted more than million customers across the globe and has made millions of profit to the manufacturer.



Snuggie-Business,strange business idea

3. Snuggie

It’s very common to wear formal dress for any interviews, party wears for parties, casual for hanging out with friends. What if you wear an oversized shirt the reverse way? I know this sounds weird.One of the U.S. companies launched ‘Snuggies’, in the late 2008 and early 2009. Snuggies is a kind of sleeved blanket, they are more or less like a bathrobe that has to be worn in the reverse way.
Attracted people a lot and became a pop culture in the U.S.Snuggies became very popular and made its manufacturer earn millions in a very short period of time.



Billy Bob Teeth - Business,strange business idea

4. Billy-Bob Teeth

Who wishes to have irregular teeth’s? Question might itself sound bizarre. When it comes to smiles people automatically become conscious about their teeth’s. But for some, it has become a fashion statement to have weird teeth’s. This idea has been like by many people and has been increasing the craze in people to have weird teeth’s which made the founder of Billy-Bob Teeth a millionaire.


Dog Poop Scooping- Business,strange business idea


5. Dog Poop-Scooping

With the increasing number of pet lovers these days, cleaning the pet’s poop can become a headache sometimes and it is definitely a tough job. Dog Poop Scooping idea as proved to be a million dollor thought for Brooke Miller. The idea of creating a device that can be used to clean animal feces, from public places and yards, mainly for dogs, has bought smile to many faces and reduced the headache of course.



Doggels-Business,strange business idea

6. Doggles

Sunglasses are a big part of the fashion line for the humans. As tt adds an extra pinch of style and also prevents the eyes from the direct sunlight. Roni Di Lullo came up with the idea of doggles after she found her dog squinting in the sunlight. Doggles became extremely popular among the pet lovers, especially among those who have dogs as pets.



Personal Romance Novels-Business,strange business idea

7. Personal Romance Novels

These days some business can make personalized novels, which means now you can be a part of your own personal romance novel. These business have an idea, they get your story and dramatize it and then write it down to be immortalized in print.


Hangover Helpers-Business,strange business idea

8. Hangover Helpers

For people who have hangover and need help fixing everything and get everything sorted (may be even you) then Hangover Helpers are the right people to call. They make sure that you enjoy everything from the night drinking and no worries about the mess and problems you might have the next morning.



Murder Cleaners-Business,strange business idea


9. Murder Cleaners

Ok I know this might sound bad, but they don’t actually clean up bodies to hide. They are hired by police department or government to clean up messes and ensure that everything is fixed and safe.



Virtual Online Dating Assistance-Business,strange business idea



10. Virtual Online Dating Assistance

For people who are having trouble making a good account or are unable to get success in the online dating world, contact these people they are “experts” and will assist you.





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