10 World’s Most Unique Bridges


There are many places all around the world where there is no direct road to cross it, like for example, oceans, lakes, rivers, etc. And to solve these issues, bridges are made. Some bridges that were made were just a masterpiece of excellence of the people behind it.  Here are such ten bridges:

  1. Millau Viaduct, France1.-Millau-Viaduct

This bridge is the longest bridge ever made in the world and holds a position in the Guinness book of World Records as well. It is standing tall at 1,125 feet and is just remarkable. This bridge has received the Outstanding Structure Award in 2006 and this award is one of the most prestigious awards an architect can win in his lifetime. The President of France, Jacques Chirac, opened this bridge for people in 2004 which cost approximately 394 Euros or 524 million dollars. This bridge crosses over the Tarn river Valley in Milau and while crossing this bridge people will experience the marvelous thing ever made along with beautiful scene accompanied by clouds all around.  A “Triumph of Engineering” title has been given by New York Times and “One of the Engineering Wonders of the 21st Century” by BBC.

  1. Helix Bridge, Singapore2.-Helix-Bridge

The structure of this bridge is unique and an excellent piece of work that made this bridge. This bridge is in designed in the shape of DNA. It was opened in 2006 and is made mostly of steel. This bridge is illuminated with LED lightings in the evening and it is just pleasure to watch and pass through this bridge.

  1. The Gateshead Millennium Bridge, England3.-Gateshead-Millenium-Bridge

These types of bridges are few in the world. This bridge was opened by The Queen in 2002 in Newcastle city which crosses over the Tyne River. Its type is unique because this bridge tilts and when it tilts in one way, it turns to be a normal pedestrian bridge and when it turns the other way then this bridge lets ships and boats to pass beneath it. It has the title “Winking Eye Bridge” and has won many architectural awards for its design.


  1. Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, Japan4.-Akashi-Kaikyo-Bridge

It has the record of being the longest suspension bridge in the world with a total length of 3,911 meters and this is four times the Brooklyn Bridge that will cover the same distance. It was opened in 1998. It took 12 years to be built and was not in the thought to be the longest suspension bridge when the Krobe Earthquake in 1995 hits it and extended it by 3 feet which gave it the record. The length of the cables used is about 300,000km and this is enough to wrap Earth around 7.5 times.

  1. The Falkirk Wheel, Scotland5..-The-Falkirk-Wheel

This is world’s first and only boat lift. This structure can rotate 180 degrees and is equipped with locks which have 168 meter long tunnels that emerge at the end of the two wheels. Boats sail to the bottom of these tunnels and then rotation takes place and then lifting the boats up to the top of the canal.



  1. Siduhe Bridge, China6

This bridge is the highest bridge in the world opened in 2009 and probably the scariest one too for those who are scared of heights. It has a height of 1,627 feet above ground and to scale it, it is higher than the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids of Giza and the Big Ben. Its construction has been the difficult one as because of the location. It is above river Gorge and it was not possible to use cranes, helicopters or boats so the engineers came up the idea of using rockets instead. Over 1000 meters of tether was attached at the end of the rocket and shot all the way across the river Gorge. This is how it was made and will the world’s highest bridge for many years to come.

  1. Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge, China7.-Danyang-Kunshan-Grand-Bridge

We have the tallest bridge Millau Vaiduct, the highest bridge Siduhe Bridge and so this bridge is the longest bridge in the world. Its length is about 102 miles and is in the Guinness Books of World Records. This bridge connects Danyang to Kunshan. It was opened in 2011. This project costs 8.5 billion dollars and over 450,000 tons of steel was used.


  1. Golden Bridge Gate, USA8.-Golden-Gate-Bridge

This is the most famous bridge and has been the icon not only to San Francisco but to the whole of the United States. It connects San Francisco to Marin County. Its construction was started in 1933 and 4 years later this bridge was ready to be opened in 1937 and it then broke two records of being the longest and tallest bridge. From here, one can have magnificent views of the Pacific Oceans. But this record has now been broken by Millau Vaiduct being the tallest and Danyang-Kunshan being the longest bridge in the world.

  1. Banpo Bridge, South Korea9.-Banpo-Bridge

This bridge is in Seoul and crosses the Han River and was created in 1982 but in 2007 a project was passed to revive the magic of this bridge and this project did what was expected. It really brought some magic moments to this bridge by enabling fountains on both sides of the bridge. During the day, the fountains shot 190 tons of water per minute on each side from 380 nozzles and at night, the fountains are transformed in to a rainbow by 10,000 LED lights been used for it. In 2008, it was in Guinness Book of World Records to be the longest fountain bridge.

  1. Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia10.-Lankawi-Sky-Bridge

This is a 410 feet long curved pedestrian bridge above Gunung Matchincang roughly 2,300 feet above sea level. This bridge can be reached via cable car and while travelling, this bridge gives the tourists to view some of the most beautiful Malaysian Mountains and Rainforests.


These are some of the bridges that are worth a visit. These not only join two places; but they also exhibit the engineering mind behind them.

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