9 Places in the world where selfies are not allowed


These days’ selfies have become increasingly popular, as they are fun. They are a rage on the social media, and if someone says that selfies are BAN here it will be a big shock and moreover it is something which is very hard to believe. How anyone can ban this harmless little indulgence.

But, you won’t believe, but there are a few places in the world where the taking selfies have been banned. And yes definitely for a good reason!

Here I bring you a list of places where taking a selfie can actually get you into serious trouble.


Places in the world,Selfies,Not allowed,Banned

1. Disneyland, USA

Selfie sticks have been banned on the premises of Disneyland and Walt Disney World, since July this year. Initially the ban was restricted just to the rides, as the selfie sticks were very dangerous, not only to the user but to others as well. Lately, after receiving repeated complaints from many visitors and employees, the authorities extended the ban to the entire premises area. This Ban has been imposed on all Disney parks and Disney Worlds.


Places in the world,Selfies,Not allowed,Banned

2. Johannesburg, South Africa

A lion park located in Johannesburg, South Africa. This is a famous place where you can take a walk with the lions, pet them and even get pictures clicked with them. Sadly the visitors are strictly instructed not to take selfies, as there is a need to get the face near to the lions in order to click a selfie, which might be a very uncomfortable position for the lions. So be there as it’s a lovely experience one can have, but make sure you just pet them and don’t try getting cozy with them for a selfie!


Places in the world,Selfies,Not allowed,Banned

3. Colosseum, Rome

Another place where the Selfie sticks are ban is the Colosseum. It has been banned because of the total physical space one needs to click a selfie. The authorities of Colosseum said that apart from the space factor, selfie stick is also very dangerous and exposes a threat to the fragile items which are on display. Well, this is a perfectly fair enough decision


Places in the world,Selfies,Not allowed,Banned

4. The Palace Museum, Beijing

The Palace Museum, which is also known as the ‘Forbidden City’. It is the most popular and one of the most crowded, tourist attractions in Beijing. The officials of China have banned selfie sticks here, because the antiquities displayed in the museum are at a high risk of getting damaged because of the selfie sticks. Another reason they even were a risk to other people who visited this very crowded museum.


Places in the world,Selfies,Not allowed,Banned

5. Lollapalooza Music Festival, Chicago

In Chicago, every year the annual summer festival is held around the month of August. This particular festival has become the first major music festival, which has imposed a ban over the use of selfie sticks, extension arms and many other such devices. Including the aerosol cans, skateboards, and illegal drugs the selfie sticks have also been added to the official list of banned items.


Places in the world,Selfies,Not allowed,Banned

6. Garoupe, France

This place has some of the most popular and best beaches in Southern France. It has been demarcated as the “No Braggies Zone”. Taking selfies is strictly banned on these beaches. The term ‘Braggies’ refers to those people who visit these beaches to take selfies and further post it on social media accounts. This ban was put into place as the beach authorities wanted people to enjoy the real beauty and serenity of the beach, rather than wasting time on taking selfies and brag about their whereabouts. However, the ban is not permanent, but imposed only during the holiday season, which is for about two weeks in the month of August every year.


Places in the world,Selfies,Not allowed,Banned

7. Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Mecca is another example of a place where taking selfies are banned. Mecca is a place of worship, and the Islamic scholars observed an increasing phenomena of ‘selfie’. Especially with the younger generation, this was considered as a narcissistic behavior.The scholars also believed that these young kids who travelled to Mecca, captured photographs and share it online just to flaunt their religious affiliation. These acts were believed to go against the foundations of Islam and were also believed to destroy the tranquillity of the mosque. Clicking selfies in Mecca, is considered a sign of disrespect.


Places in the world,Selfies,Not allowed,Banned

8. Pamplona, Spain

Taking selfies in Panplona have been banned by the officials. During the fiestas of San Fermin, they have a bull run organized every year in July. The reason of imposing a ban here is very straight forward, to save the lives of people. As the bulls are very strong and fast, and men and women run ahead the bulls in this traditional Bull Run, to display their strength and agility. Basically to take a selfie during this festival, one would obviously need to stop and click a picture, this puts the life of the photographer and others around him at huge risk. There is a fine imposed on offenders, which is up to €3000. But keeping the fine aside, it would be a suicidal thing to do.


Places in the world,Selfies,Not allowed,Banned

9. California, USA

Lake Tahoe in California is very popular for its bear population. Many visitors come from all over the world to see these deadly but cute animals. The very popular ‘bear selfie’ was a recent wonder, which has been put a stop as it is believed to put the animals and the public at risk. Officials have noticed instances where visitors have followed the bears off the tracks and found such instances extremely dangerous, as the bears aren’t chiefly known to show mercy when angry.

It’s disappointing! I know. But even if you don’t get a chance to wield your selfie stick, all these places are very interesting and a must visit. So what are you waiting for?

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