7 Mind Blowing Facts About The Enthralling Concept Of Reincarnation Or Rebirth!


Reincarnation or rebirth has always been an enthralling concept. Hinduism talks about this enthralling concept of rebirth. And, just like Hinduism, there are also many other popular cultures that talk about a person’s rebirth on this Earth. Just for instance, Buddhism also believes in rebirth. Even, the ancient Egyptians were staunch believers of rebirth and life after death. And, that’s the reason that they have erected monuments and then created mummies to preserve their dead. Here is a list of 7 mind blowing facts about the enthralling concept of reincarnation and rebirth:

The enthralling concept of rebirth!

1. The story of rebirth behind unfulfilled wishes!

A person becomes a ghost when he/she dies suddenly, with lots of unfulfilled wishes. It is believed that his/her soul is then stuck in between the material and the spiritual world. So, it then waits for the favourable conditions in order to be released and to be reborn again.

enthralling concept2. The soul never dies!

According to the Hindu philosophy, the soul of a person can’t be destroyed. So, even if the body of the person dies; his/her soul lives on. And, the soul then changes the body, just in the same manner as we change clothes, and wear the new ones.

3. The memory power!

According to some sages, everything is stored in our memory. It is believed that all the things since the time of the big-bang is stored up in our brains, and only few people have got that wondrous ability to recall those memories. So, what this in turn means is that the memories of the previous births are also been recorded in the unconscious mind, which we may even never recall!

enthralling concept4. The concept of Karma!

According to some mythologies, the soul entering the new body totally depends on one’s Karma. It is those things, whether good or bad, which we had done in our previous life. So, if a person has accumulated good Karma; then he/she is going to born as a human again. But, on the other hand, if a person has accumulated bad Karma; then he may even become an animal in his/her next birth!

5. The third eye!

The Hindus believes that there is a third eye, in the centre of their forehead. The third eye opens when a person unites his/her soul with God or becomes one with Brahma.

enthralling concept6. Vishnu’s reincarnation!

According to Hindu mythology, rebirth or reincarnation is a real thing. To support this fact, they have the tale of Lord Vishu, who again and again assumes the human form in order to save the Earth from evil. At the same time, we do hear about a lot of reincarnation stories about various other deities also.


7. It takes time!

Another mind blowing fact that you should know about rebirth is that a soul doesn’t acquire the new body immediately after death of its previous body. A soul can acquire a new body only after certain years, when all the suitable conditions are being met!

Also, it is interesting to note that according to some mythologies, every human being gets 7 chances to be reborn in the physical form of a man or a woman!

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