Top 7 Cities Of India Famous For Leather Industry


The Indian Leather industry has a huge domestic market and also great potential for exports. Its total production stands at around USD 11 Billion. The Indian Leather Industry holds a noticeable place in the Indian economy. This particular sector is known for its consistency in the high export earnings and is also among the top ten foreign exchange earners for the country. The export market for leather and leather products have increased over the past decades and touched to around US$ 5.91 billion during 2013-14, recording a growth rate of about 14.77% in 5 years. Kanpur is the largest center of the leather industry, let’s take a detailed look at the top 7 leather centers in India.

Here are 7 cities of India famous for leather industry:

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1. Jajmau – Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Jajmau is also known as Jajesmow, is a district of Kanpur. This is the main and the largest center for the leather industry in India. Home to some of the largest leather tanneries in the Northern part of India. The Kanpur’s leather and tannery industry contribute to around Rs 6,000 crore worth foreign exchange for the country and also gives direct livelihood to more than one lakh people.


Indian Leather industry, India, Leather, Kanpur, tannery industry ,Leather Industry

2. Unnao – Uttar Pradesh

Located approximately 18 km from Kanpur & 60 km from Lucknow city. Tanning is one the biggest industry in Unnao and this city is very popular for its huge leather industry. Big leather manufactures like, Superhouse Group, Mirza Tanners, Rahman Exports, and Zamzam Tanners have their factories in Unnao



Indian Leather industry, India, Leather, Kanpur, tannery industry ,Leather Industry

3. Chennai- Tamil Nadu

Chennai is located on the Coromandel Coast off the Bay of Bengal. In south India, Chennai is the biggest industrial and commercial center. And also a major cultural, economic and educational center. It contributes far more than 50 percent of India’s total leather exports. It also has a CSIR research institution named the Central Leather Research Institute.


Indian Leather industry, India, Leather, Kanpur, tannery industry ,Leather Industry

4. Ambur – Tamil Nadu

Located on the banks of the Palar River, it is a town and the state Assembly Constituency in the Vellore District of Tamil Nadu. Home to a major part of the India’s leather tanning industry. This town has also earned its nickname as the Leather City of South India. India’s largest and finest tanneries are located here, which makes it one of the leading exporters of leather goods in India. The finished and unfinished products include shoes, garments, and gloves.


Indian Leather industry, India, Leather, Kanpur, tannery industry ,Leather Industry

5. Kolkata – West Bengal

Also known as the City of Joy, is the capital city of the Indian state of West Bengal. It is located on the east banks of the river Hooghly. It is the major commercial, educational and cultural center of the Eastern India. It is the second most important tanning center in the India. Home to around 500 tanneries which contribute about 22-25 % of the total country’s tanning. It also contributes to about 55% of the total country’s export contribution.


Indian Leather industry, India, Leather, Kanpur, tannery industry ,Leather Industry

6. Agra – Uttar Pradesh

Agra is located on the banks of the river Yamuna; it is the northern most state of Uttar Pradesh. Total 40% of the population largely depend on agriculture, and the others on the leather and footwear business. Agra city is very popular for its leather goods in the country. The Leather footwear of Agra is very popular all across the world for its superb craftsmanship.


Indian Leather industry, India, Leather, Kanpur, tannery industry ,Leather Industry

7. Ranipet – Tamil Nadu

Located on the northern bank of the Palar river, this city is also known as Ranipettai. It is a suburb, town and also the industrial hub of the Vellore city. It houses nearly 400 small and medium leather units. The large number of medium-scale leather industries which make both finished leather and leather articles for export.

The Indian Government has identified the Leather Sector as a Focus Sector, as it has immense potential for export growth prospects and also in employment generation. The Indian leather industry aims to increase the production even more in the future, and thereby enhance exports, and resultantly create more and more employment opportunities.

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