10 Reasons To Wait For Baahubali 2


Baahubali was so overwhelmed by the viewers that the theories of second part had taken the Internet into a hurricane. Baahubali 2 trailer is likely to hit the screen by October this year and release is expected in early 2017.

It was a History created last year in Bollywood when Baahubali took the nation by storm. It’s amazing visual effects, compelling story line, and some powerful performances were eye-catching. The movie had given the feel of special effect, where the viewers felt being transported to that era. The story of this film consists of a lost child of a great warrior and King Mahishmati, Baahubali created enchantment on the screen.

Here are 10 reasons why the wait for Baahubali 2 is so enthralling

Baahubali 2 21. Why Kattappa killed Baahubali
The main entwine was Kattappa backstabbing Baahubali which really banged our brain off. This could be one of the main incidents which have made us wait for another part.


Baahubali 2 32. Bhalla and Shivudu’s argument
In the first part, Bhalla and Shivudu’s quarrel laid to find out about Baahubali’s son being alive and the reaction of the same. We still have to see it will be a calmness or an anger?



Baahubali 2 43. Devasena’s Flashback
In the first part, we have seen Avanthika fighting for Devasena’s release. However, we are hoping that connection will be revealed in Devasena’s flashback in the second part of the film.



Baahubali 2 14. Anushka Shetty as Queen
Anushka Shetty was an infirm mother in the first part of the film. She was waiting with all respect for the return of her son. In the second part, the romance between Baahubali and Maharani Devasena can be seen.



Baahubali 2 55. Baahubali realizing Bhallaladeva’s true face
Baahubali always trusted his brother as a good person and never noticed the evil side. In the second part, we even might get to see the disclosure of Bhallaladeva’s true personality.



Baahubali 2 66. Sivagami’s chase: Baahubali
The story of the first has shown how Sivagami has been chased with a baby. We all must be having a different story in our mind that defines why Sivagami has been chased by the soldiers. But the main reason may be disclosed in the upcoming second part of Baahubali.


Baahubali 2 77. Aslam Khan’s re-entry
We have seen the friendly sword fight happens between Kattappa and Aslam Khan. After the fight, Aslam Khan promised Kattappa that he has a brother to rely on. Now here it will be interesting to see how Kattappa manages to use the Aslam Khan’s army to provide support Shivudu against Bhallaladeva.


Baahubali 2 88. The face-off between Shivudu and Bhalla
The final battle between Shivudu and Bhallaladeva will definitely bring the climax of the story. It will be interesting to see how two massive armies will fight each other and how kingdom’s fate will be decided.



9. Vanquish of Bhalla
Baahubali 2 9In the first part, we have seen Devasena collecting small sticks of wood and putting it in one place. When she was being asked by Kattappa about the reason she replied that she is doing for Bhallaladeva. It will an epic moment to see how chithi that Devasena sets up for Bhalla comes to use.


Baahubali 2 1010. Baahubali 2 will able to make the same success journey
Many times the sequels and returns of the films have not been able to cope up with the success of the first one. Is this is something same going to happen with Baahubali 2? Chances are less but it is still interesting to see whether Baahubali 2 continue the same success journey.


Indeed, we are looking forward to another era coming soon !

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