American Horror Story Season 6 Theme Revealed! 5 Facts You Should Know About Season 6!


The theme of the sixth season of the American Horror Story is finally revealed yesterday night. Much like the sixth season of the Game of Thrones; FX didn’t confirm any cast members or release any plot details ahead of the Premiere. Although, the sixth season Premiere, which aired last night didn’t feature Lady Gaga; but finally revealed the new theme for this season. People are excited all around the world and are waiting for the episodes/chapters to witness the mysteries of this season! Here is a list of 5 facts about the sixth season of the American Horror Story you should know:

American Horror Story Season 6!

Horror Story1. The story/plot!

The major mystery of sixth season of this mysterious series is its story itself! Unlike earlier seasons, FX kept many things secret, and even didn’t utter a single word about its story. It is considered as an approach to publicity, which is literally unusual for this series. However, it is widely speculated that this season will gonna incorporate the infamous Roanoke Colony disappearance of 1590s.


Horror Story2. Episodes!

The season 6 of American Horror Story will have 5 episodes airing from 14th September to 12th October, 2016. These 5 episodes are considered as 5 chapters, and all these episodes are directed by different directors! Although, there were earlier reports that claimed that this season will have 10 episodes with finale to air on 16th November, 2016. Now, we just need to wait and watch how much entertainment in form of horror is waiting for us!


Horror Story3. Development!

The development of sixth season started in 2015 itself, when the network renewed the series for a sixth cycle on 10th November, 2015. It was also revealed that this season will involve children and operatic themes. Further, as per the reports, this season is titled as ‘American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare!’


Horror Story4. Set design!

This year FX has worked hard for the set design. This is also the first time in the history of American Horror Story that a complete home is being built. Also, it is quite unprecedented for film and TV productions in general!



Horror Story5. Cast!

Although the cast of this season has not been officially revealed yet. But, with stars like Lady Gaga, Taissa Farmiga, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Matt Bomer, etc.; this sixth season is all set to be a blockbuster hit! Majority of these stars have also admitted their involvement in this season.


This season seems to be a season full of surprises as this is also the first season, which didn’t released a subtitle before the premiere since the first season!

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