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10 Longest railway bridges in India

10 Longest Railway Bridges In India


The Indian infrastructure is getting bigger and better day by day. India has one of the best structures when we talk about expressway, flyovers, tunnels and dams. No doubt to that that these play a major role in our development. The longest railway bridge in our country is about 4.50 km, which is located near Kerala. Here is the list of top 10 longest railway bridges in India.



1. Vembanad Bridge

This is located in Kerala and is the longest railway bridge in India. It is used only for goods trains and traffic is around 12-15 trains per day. It passes through 3 small islands. It is built over Vembanand Lake (which is one of the biggest lakes in India). The total length of this beam type bridge is around 4,620 m (4.6 km).




2. Nehru Setu Rail Bridge

It is the second longest rail bridge in India with a length of around 3.65 km. Earlier, it used to be the longest bridge in India until Vembanad bridge was constructed. It connects Dehri and Son Nagar and was opened on 27th February 1900.





3. Havelock Bridge

It is also known as Old Godavari Bridge and is located over Godavari river in Andhra Pradesh. The length of the bridge is about 2.70 Km which makes it the third largest rail bridge of India.






4. Godavari Arch Bridge

It is an arch bridge with a length of around 2.70 Km. It is located at Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh. It is a single Railway bridge which has replaced the Old Godavari Bridge.





5. Mahanadi Bridge

It is located in Cuttack near Orrisa. It is around 2.10 km long. It has two bridges of the same name; The first Mahanadi bridge and the second Mahanadi bridge. It is one of the most prime and longest rail bridges throughout India




6. Pamban Bridge

It is a cantilever bridge and is the 2nd longest bridge (Sea Bridge) in India with a length of around 2.65 km. It is also called as “Rameshwaram Bridge” and is situated in Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu. It connects the island to the main land of India.





7. Sharavathi River Bridge

Sharavathi is a river in Karnataka and flows throughout the state of Karnataka. The length of the bridge is around 2.060 km which makes it Konkan’s longest rail bridge.





8.Konkan Railway Bridge

It is also called as Zuari Bridge. The length of the bridge is around 1.3 Km and is located and build across Goa. Konkan network (Rail network) is one of the most beautiful and eye soothing train routes in India.




9. Balawali Railway Bridge

It is built near Balawali. The length of the bridge is same as Balawali Road Bridge, i.e. 840 m. Nearby this bridge; a railway cum Road Bridge is under construction, which will soon become the longest and the tallest railway bridge in the world.




10. Jubilee Bridge

It is a very important railway bridge. It is built over Hooghly and is the oldest (rail) bridge in India. It was recently replaced by a new bridge which was named as “Sampreeti bridge”. The total length of this bridge is 482 m.



All these bridges are the backbone of railway lines in India. Without these bridges, the Indian Railways won’t be complete.


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