Why is the Opposition Bloc Increasingly Appear to be Clueless?

  • People closely following the fortunes of the Indian political landscape and the associated paraphernalia surrounding the cacophony of an election would voice in unison that it’s a great spectacle aptly named the dance of democracy. Of course, the countrymen are familiar with one or the other election happening around the year denoting there simply is no way to escape from the usual sound and fury. We are used to it, as the majority would say. We are aware of how the country is gearing up for the mother of all elections – the Lok Sabha polls – scheduled to be conducted in April/May 2024. All eyes will be on the outcome of the Lok Sabha polls will be tantamount to an understatement.

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  • Be that as it may, let’s attempt to comprehend what is in store for the country vis-à-vis the ensuing all-important parliamentary elections. As you are aware, the two main national parties in the country are represented by the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Grand Old Party respectively. Yes, the political narrative in India is largely based on secular versus communal ideologies that have polarized the country vertically. Further, India is also known to foster strong regional parties that have established a great say in the formation of a government representing the diverse regions. This is where it gets tricky for the national parties who are required to form alliances to emerge victorious during the hustings. It’s not easy to comprehend the dynamics of politics, you see.
  • Looking around the present political situation in the country would reveal that the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance is on a strong wicket ticking every conceivable box along the way so far. The charisma, popularity, image, and pull of Prime Minister Narendra Modi among the electorate are a big-ticket draw for the NDA who will ensure to derive maximum mileage out of the same in the coming days. The BJP is riding high on the recent consecration of Lord Ram at Ayodhya and will hope to cash in on the huge Hindu consolidation expected after the monumental ceremony. The ongoing farm agitation could potentially spell trouble for the BJP-led NDA but if the situation is addressed satisfactorily before it is too late, it’s advantageous saffron brigade all the way.



  • On the other hand, the opposition INDIA bloc led by the Congress is teetering on the brink of collapse courtesy of inherent contradictions within the like-minded parties who are loathe to concede their assiduously built grounds. The regional outfits have gained strength over the years at the cost of Congress and hence expect to be treated at par rather than essay the role of second fiddle. This friction is pulling the opposition parties in different directions rendering the much hyped coming together of the diverse outfits irrelevant. Moreover, the Congress scion’s Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra is failing to garner traction among the electorate yet far. Unless something drastic happens from now on till the day of the polling, it is safe to say the NDA appears all set to return.

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