Why and How Turncoat Politicians Continue to Remain Relevant?

  • The subject matter must be heavily weighed upon in the minds of concerned Indians who witness political leaders switching sides at the drop of a hat with nary a thought about the ideology or stated philosophy. The nonchalant manner with which the political class moves out of one ideology/philosophy into another is in itself an interesting as well as intriguing matter. How often have we not heard about the moniker Aaya Ram, Gaya Ram denoting the ease with which political leaders looking for greener pastures tend to crossover? The best example of this phenomenon is none other than the incumbent Chief Minister of Bihar. The gentleman has made a consummate habit of crossing over whenever it suits him the best. No qualms whatsoever, you see.


PC: Punjab News Express

  • There are other instances of political leaders switching sides when a major election approaches. It could be state assembly elections or the mother of all elections in the form of the Parliamentary polls. We know the ensuing Parliamentary elections are keenly observed by the Indian citizens and the political parties are leaving no stone unturned in impressing upon the electorate with their usual rhetoric. The manifesto of every political party in the fray offers promises, assurances, reassurances, incentives, inducements, and of course, the trump card – caste considerations coming into the equation. The moot point to ponder over here is why the electorate tends to look the other way when the politicians become turncoats for parochial considerations.
  • Remember, an average politician’s growth in a party doesn’t come quickly but must spend decades to gain prominence to go higher up in the hierarchy and power. Years of work done may not come to fruition even as the ambitions of a politician remain undiminished. One might wonder what the followers will do when their leader(s) switch sides leaving behind the ideology so assiduously built over the years. Indeed, the word turncoat was invented to define such leaders who care hoots about the ideology coming in the way of their ambitions to not only stay relevant in the political field but also show the other side desperately wants and is willing to lay out a red carpet to welcome them. Did someone say what about morality, ethics, and loyalty factors? What is it anyway?


PC: The Hindu

  • Make no mistake, democracy is considered a temple, no less. As such, the electoral campaigning undertaken by the political parties is akin to pilgrimage. Thus, the seasonal migration of political leaders on the lookout for gains is quite common too. Several MPs and MLAs, heavyweights, and sundry politicians are in flux, ever ready to catch tailwinds to brighter political horizons. The BJP appears to be the natural choice for several turncoats with the wind largely blowing in the saffron brigade’s side. A report says 80K politicians and workers from other parties are joining the BJP. The news itself is good optics for the BJP. Meanwhile, the electorate must be wondering what happened to their earlier choice. Look for another leader, simple!

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