Water Availability Will Come at a Premium in the Not-So-Distant Future!

Water Availability
  • As you are aware, water is such a precious commodity for humanity that one cannot imagine how challenging it is to live a day without having access to this very lifeline for sustaining every single daily chore that we are so dependent on. Even though the entire Earth is surrounded by 70% water, the accessibility to potable water is increasingly coming at a great premium. Since times immemorial, every notable civilization established its presence where water accessibility was nearer to the habitation. Historically speaking, well-known civilizations have thrived whenever they have access to an abundance of water, making living extremely enjoyable. Contrarily, some of the known civilizations withered away for want of access to potable water.

Water Availability

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  • It makes us wonder how our ancestors could survive from mounting challenges posed by the weather vagaries and perpetually evolving universe expanding its footprints on an unprecedented scale. Of course, we are blessed with earth-shattering technological and scientific inventions aiding us now in chalking out developmental plans, keeping in mind future generations. However, it’s worth examining to understand how our ancient ancestors indeed sustained challenges of diverse nature posed by Mother Nature from time to time. Though we consider ourselves fortunate to live in an advanced state of scientific and technological trajectory, the challenges to ensure water availability haven’t been reduced at all.
  • The adverse weather implication courtesy of environmental degradation brought about by fragile ecological exploitation has had a cascading effect on the established seasonal patterns. We all know how unchecked and unadulterated fossil fuel usage for decades has led to the atmosphere getting affected leading to El Nina and El Nino weather vagaries widely disrupting the routine weather patterns. The rapid developmental activities undertaken by modern-day governments without paying attention to the sensitive ecology are already showing unpleasant experiences around the world. India as a country too is feeling the heat as the water needs of the country is largely dependent on monsoons. This is where we are facing huge challenges.

Water Availability 2

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  • Note that India continues to remain a largely agriculture-based economy whose dependence on regular monsoon season goes a long way in ensuring the country’s growth prospects remain on the right path. However, the erratic monsoons witnessed in the last few years have started posing great challenges vis-a-vis the availability of potable water, especially in metro cities. Look not far from a city like Bengaluru which was always blessed with an abundance of water not so long ago. Of late, Garden City too is experiencing unprecedented water shortage even before the summer months set in. The authorities and the citizens alike should make every effort to ensure we do not severely run short of precious water in the coming years.

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