Virat Kohli Taking Time Off from Professional Cricket is Understandable!

Virat Kohli
  • The talismanic batsman Virat Kohli has had an exceptionally long run in the field of cricket courtesy of persistently remarkable performances that need no further elaboration. Cricket fans will vouch for this. Since the time Kohli made his presence felt on the international cricketing field, Indian cricket has immensely benefited from his awe-inspiring exploits where several batting records have fallen aside. He has been a true successor of sorts to the incomparable Sachin Tendulkar, a true global cricketing icon who took the popularity of the game to stratospheric levels. Following in those great footsteps, Kohli has proved time and again how transformative the India team has emerged riding on perpetually jaw-dropping performances around the world.

Virat Kohli

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  • One aspect that is synonymous with Virat Kohli is the passion, aggression, intent, commitment, and energy he brings to the team on the field every single time. There’s never a drop in intensity when Kohli is around the cricket field. He yearns to be among the thick of action never letting drop the intensity or energy levels on bit. It could be while batting or fielding, you can never take Kohli out of the equation. The unadulterated aggressive streak coursing through Kohli is a unique phenomenon that has propelled Team India to conquer several fronts including overseas assignments. We are aware of the Himalayan achievements of Kohli in the 50-over format scoring runs at will. No wonder, he overtook the great Sachin Tendulkar by scoring his 50th One-Day International hundred in the recently concluded World Cup.
  • A fitness freak who can give a serious run for money to several youngsters despite spending years on the competitive international circuit, Kohli’s absence from the ongoing five-match Test series between India and England came as a severe blow to the team’s cause. Of course, the reason cited by the Board of Control for Cricket in India for his absence was termed as personal. As is its wont, several unconfirmed reasons are floating around including the impending arrival of the couple’s second child as also his mother’s ill-health. Whatever the reasons, Kohli’s privacy at this hour must be respected by all concerned including the people who wish to fish in troubled waters for no rhyme or reason. Sadly, can’t stop some people from questioning his commitment. So be it.

Virat Kohli


  • Cricket fans and experts who have known Kohli for years will implicitly understand that he is not the one to take a backstep when confronted with any challenges. Unless any serious matter deserves his immediate attention, Kohli is known to not take any step leading to prolonged absence as well. Initially, he got permission to skip the first two Tests, but now it’s announced that he won’t participate in the remaining three Tests as well. Respecting the privacy of Kohli must be paramount. Make no mistake, the family stands first on the priority list for all of us, and why Kohli should be exempt from exercising this choice. The need of the hour is to allow Kohli to peacefully address family matters and return to professional cricket as and when he is ready.

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