Using the Words Religious Sentiments are Hurt is Losing Its Intended Purpose!

Religious Sentiments
  • India is a nation of diverse castes, creeds, classes, ethnicities, languages, and religions need no further elaboration. These diversities are what make India so vibrant, thriving, throbbing, and inviting to not only the local inhabitants but also scores of overseas nationals willing to soak in the unique atmosphere prevalent here. Of course, we Indians are also extremely proud of our ancient culture, tradition, and heritage passed on to us over the millennium. Such a rich cultural heritage has seamlessly merged into our conscience organically allowing us to embrace unique experiences with open-mindedness. Unfortunately, the political landscape of the land attempts to polarize the harmonious existence by raking up communal versus secular narratives at inopportune times.

Religious Sentiments

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  • Such narratives have acquired a substantial position in the political discourse thereby dividing the already polarized country on a labyrinthine caste line. We know how complex our caste equations are catering to innumerable claimants vying for the government quotas and reservations pie. Now, there are certain entities wishing to fish in the already muddied waters by raking up innocuous or non-issues into something extraordinary by crying hoarse over hurt religious sentiments. How often have we come across those cries of hurt where none exists? There is a dime a dozen such examples that keep occurring sporadically. We know the self-proclaimed religious activists attempting to ban films, art, books, theater, ads, articles, and persons on these lines.
  • As you must be aware, reports about Bengal Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s plea citing that religious sentiments are hurt because a lioness named Sita who has a companion named Akbar is in the news. Yes, you read it right. Reading this itself would suffice to infer how trivial the matter is and raise questions about why a mere name christened to apex predators should even make it to court. Incredulous to say the least. Both the lions were brought from Tripura’s Zoo. Their names wouldn’t have hurt anyone’s sentiment, and their arrival in Siliguri would have generated only excitement, as always happens when big cats come to town. The VHP spotted an opportunity for stirring a hornet’s nest to create needless controversy. Was it required at all?

Religious Sentiments

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  • Needless to mention, Bengal VHP seeks its 15 minutes of fame, vying with quick-to-anger compatriots in the Hindi heartland. Sadly, it has already succeeded. Ridiculous as it might sound, the lioness and lion are now kept in separate areas, though they shared an enclosure in Tripura Zoo. Presumably, officials are afraid of the trouble mobs may cause. Sadly, the Sita-Akbar controversy is another instance of how non-state actors, often backed by the state, intervene in matters that, first, they have no locus standi in and, second, do not need any intervention by anyone. Authorities make a terrible mistake by not signaling that while anyone is free to feel hurt about anything, govt are not required to do anything unless the law is breached. This must stop.

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