Undoubtedly, Age is Just a Number! Rohan Bopanna Proves It Again!

Rohan Bopanna
  • The subject maxim has repeatedly proved that it cannot be disputed. The evolved souls, renowned experts, acclaimed pundits, and successful personalities from diverse fields have vociferously spoken about how age is just a number for academic interest, nothing more when in pursuit of achieving success. Ask any successful personality or achievers or celebrities representing their respective field, they will vouch in unison that what ultimately matters is the thinking process between the ears. Indeed, what transpires between the ears while we set about our intended objectives, goals, and pursuit of excellence defines the eventual outcome. Not for nothing it is said that half the battle is won when the mind determines in setting the objectives/goals.


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  • Also, we have heard enough of the maxim mind over matter ultimately separating an ordinary from the extraordinary who ensures that extra efforts applied result in achieving intended objectives fighting against the perceived odds. As such, grit, determination, positive thoughts, a never-say-die approach, and perseverance get concretized when the mind decides to push ahead with single-minded devotion. Many would try to place the age ceiling for certain activities, especially concerning sports which are considered ideally suited for youngsters. Since the physical endurance expected in the field is grueling in the competitive world of sports, sportsmen including the most exceptional ones are eventually bracketed along age lines with an expiry date to boot.
  • However, there are few sportsmen who not only defy the age and the established norms governing the same but also propel themselves to achieving something spectacular hitherto considered impossible. Just look at what India’s 43-year-old Rohan Bopanna has achieved in tennis. He is ranked No. 1 in doubles and has clinched his first Grand Slam trophy in Australia in the doubles defying all odds stacked against him. There’s aging and then there’s aging like fine wine. This applies aptly to Bopanna. Mind you, professional tennis is an extremely demanding sport that requires one to not only compete with emerging youngsters but also expect the sportsmen to keep pushing the limit to stay competitive braving vivid challenges.

Rohan Bopanna

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  • Yes, the world of professional tennis has seen how the Williams sisters defy aging so famously. Martina Navratilova scored a Grand Slam mixed doubles crown at 46! Christiano Ronaldo has hinted he wants to play in the next football World Cup, and he will be 41 by then. LeBron James at 39 is still an NBA rock star. Their coaches aren’t blind to a decline in stats. But these golden boots help their team hit harder. LeBron reportedly spends $1.5 million a year to keep his body playing at elite levels. Bopanna says he has no cartilage left in his knees, but yoga has come to the rescue. Agreed, today’s nutritional standards, health consciousness, and science mean age is no ceiling on ability. But to push oneself requires a strong mind and willpower. Take a bow Bopanna!

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