This Year Will Witness a Slew of Significant Elections in a Few Countries!

  • The dawn of the new year 2024 will also herald a potential shift in the geopolitical scenario since some of the most significant countries are set to elect new governments that would potentially set the tone for the coming decades. Indeed, the largest democracy in the world India will witness the general elections in April/May even as the country under the leadership of the incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi heading the National Democratic Alliance has made great progress. The opposition would like us to believe that the present dispensation has miserably failed to curb the inflationary trends, unemployment, rising commodity prices, fiscal imprudence, and failure to enforce law and order nationwide. The truth is far from it. The public knows about it.



  • Nonetheless, India as a country has surged ahead despite facing tremendous challenges brought about by the far-from-ideal geopolitical situations around the world. Due credit should be accorded to the Bharatiya Janata Party-led NDA alliance for steering the country during difficult times by initiating appropriate fiscal measures to help tide over the crisis. Indian GDP growth has reaffirmed the belief that the country is way ahead of others clocking reassuring numbers proving the naysayers wrong. Make no mistake, the popularity enjoyed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi transcends the party affiliations and diverse ideologies making him the single most important factor that would decide the eventual outcome of the parliamentary polls.
  • Note that the BJP has ticked all the right boxes in the last few months including the overwhelming victories in the crucial Hindi heartland states viz. Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Rajasthan. The ensuing Lok Sabha elections will be between Modi and the opposition bloc with the former comfortably enjoying the lead over the latter. As things stand now, it can be firmly stated that it’s not who will win the electorate over but with what margin, and the advantage lies with the BJP stalwart. Nearer home, Pakistan and Bangladesh too are scheduled for general elections which would be keenly watched by the Indian establishment. Pakistani politics is in turmoil stating the obvious. The election outcome in Bangladesh too would be crucial for regional stability.



  • Pakistan is in the midst of great political uncertainty that could affect the sub-continent in more than one way. Of course, the most powerful nation in the world – the United States of America – too would be choosing a new president later in the year. The global community will be observing with intent as to who will emerge the winner, the incumbent Democratic president Joe Biden, or the Republican challenger ex-president Donald Trump. Needless to mention, the election outcome will have a bearing on geopolitics setting the tone for the way the global community progresses. Hopefully, the leadership of these countries will realize the advantages of initiating stable, insightful, and visionary policies far outweighing parochial considerations.