This Bowling Attack is the Best Seen Yet!

  • The ongoing 50-over Cricket World Cup has proved one aspect beyond doubt as far as the Indian bowling attack is concerned. No surprises there as the combination of Team India’s bowling attack simply covers all the bases and more. True connoisseurs of the game are aware of how important it is to possess an all-out attacking bowling option to not only intimidate the opposition but also to snare twenty wickets per inning to win the matches. Not for nothing it is mentioned that bowlers win matches. And this has been proved time and again if any team wishes to leave behind its imprints or legacy for eternity.



  • Let’s assess what Team India is blessed with in the ongoing World Cup at home. Led by the indefatigable Jasprit Bumrah, a uniquely gifted pacer with an awkward bowling action, has simply been outstanding ever since he made a comeback from a debilitating injury that sidelined him for months. The array of skills Bumrah possesses is simply amazing. Right from his run-up to the delivery stride, the subsequent follow-up is a treat to watch. Bumrah is also blessed with the ability to swing and seam both ways. He can be lethal with the new ball and equally devastating in the middle overs as well as superb at the death.
  • No wonder, he is carrying the Indian bowling attack on his able shoulders with great aplomb. His opening partner at the other end is vastly improved Mohammad Siraj who has become an integral part of Team India over the last few years. His amazing ability to swing the delivery at pace right at the beginning of the innings and follow it up in the middle overs has given Team India an attacking option that keeps delivering whenever the team desperately wants. And the way the old warhorse Mohammed Shami has showcased his unmatched skills in the last three matches is truly amazing. As someone who has followed this beautiful game of cricket for decades, there is no other bowler who can land the seam as proficiently as Shami.


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  • The upright seam of the ball delivered with superb wrist position enables the pacer to not only control where he wants to land the ball but also allows him to swing and sway at a brisk pace troubling the batter no end. The testimony to the way Shami has performed in the ongoing World Cup so far has borne fruit in him picking up two five-fers in the three matches played so far. Of course, Team India is also endowed with the guiles of chinaman bowler Kuldeep Yadav and the ever-dependable Ravindra Jadeja who is more than handy in Indian conditions. That a bowlder of the caliber of Ravi Ashwin has played only one match so far denotes how effective Team India’s bowling attack is so far. As such, there’s no harm in pronouncing that this bowling attack is the best Team India has seen so far. You are free to question my boasting!

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