The West Asian Conflict Appears Dangerously Poised!

West Asian
  • The global community must be on tenterhooks over the ongoing conflict between Israel-Hamas that is headed nowhere despite the United Nations-led leadership vociferously demanding a ceasefire to stop the innocent deaths. We know how the global leadership is divided vertically for and against the ongoing conflict between Israel-Hamas that has been lingering for months now. Despite the pressure being built by the concerned leadership teams from around the world to call for peace negotiations to stop the innocent loss of lives, the Israeli establishment headed by Benjamin Netanyahu is intransigent to the proposal with no less than bombastic claims of pressing ahead with the fight. No one is sure where the conflict is headed.

West Asian

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  • The West Asia region is sitting on a powder keg at best of times that needs no further elaboration. Iran is known to back the Houthis who in turn back the Hamas to carry out nefarious activities including terrorism. The world knows how the US solidly backs Israel at every given opportunity and challenges encountered along. We also know how the US and Iran have been at loggerheads over the last few decades. The entire scenario panning out in West Asia can be gauged by the prevalent undercurrents defining which way the sensitive matter might take shape. Of course, the US stepping up bombings to counter the increasingly aggressive Houthis – with backing from their masters in Iran- in the region won’t help either. The Red Sea is literally on fire.
  • As reported, the latest American strikes on more than 85 targets in Iraq and Syria – killing at least 40 people – again inch up threats of a wider regional conflict. They were in retaliation for the killing of three American servicemen on a Jordan base by militias linked to Iran. Raids were carried out by B-1 bombers flown directly from the US. There are fears the US is slow walking into another prolonged conflict. But what the US is fighting is essentially symptoms. Since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas war, Iran-backed militias as part of Tehran’s so-called Axis of Resistance have stepped up their attacks in the region. Their single-point agenda is to stop Israel’s attacks on Gaza. Note that these militias are spread across a wide geography with decentralized military assets.

West Asian

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  • As such, there’s no way the US can take them out in one go. Nor can it deter them as shown by continuing Houthi disruptions in the Red Sea. The only option is for the US to engage in a prolonged bombing campaign. That’s politically dicey in a US election year. Indeed, the US and Iran have avoided attacking each other directly till now. But given the spread of Iran Revolutionary Guards commanders and American personnel in the region, mistakes can happen, politically forcing Tehran and Washington to switch to direct attacks, which would be devastating. All of this can be avoided if there’s a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Biden must ensure Netanyahu comes on board forthwith on this matter. Otherwise, expect the conflict to escalate far and wide.

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