The State Election Results Have Gone the BJP Way! It Portends Well for the Lok Sabha Polls!

  • Before the results of the recently concluded state assembly elections were announced, poll pundits alongside exit polls projected quite a fight between the BJP and the Congress in the state of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and to a lesser extent in Telangana. Mind you, Telangana was predicted to go the Congress’ way simply because the KCR-led BRS was facing palpable anti-incumbency owing to certain negative factors and perceptions surrounding the leadership. The Congress made a significant gain in the last few months leading up to the elections courtesy of smart moves while also building a positive narration. The BJP was never considered a serious player in the southern state of Telangana save for making newsflashes now and then.


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  • However, all eyes were on the three Hindi heartland states where the outcome would decide which way the political wind was blowing before the mother of all elections, the Lok Sabha polls, scheduled in April/May 2024. As you might be aware, Rajasthan has never reelected the incumbent government for a second term in the last three decades. Despite knowing the phenomenon, the Congress satraps were gung-ho about the chances of the party storming back to power based on several socio-welfare measures introduced targeting the women’s electorate. However, the public cannot be taken for granted by wooing at the last minute through sops and freebies when the overall administration leading up to the big day smacks of misgovernance.
  • No wonder, Rajasthan electoral results stuck to history by blessing the saffron brigade with a clear majority to govern. The unending power tussle between the Gehlot-Pilot duo also largely contributed to the Grand Old Party’s debacle in the polls. Despite the BJP having trouble with the top state leadership pulling in different directions, the pull of the party mascot Narendra Modi appeared to have played a significant role in swaying the electorate’s preference toward it. The result of Madhya Pradesh was even more profound for the BJP. Every poll prediction pointed towards the Congress storming back to power. However, the charisma of Narendra Modi and the final poll campaign flourish undertaken by Shivraj Chouhan altered the outcome for the BJP.


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  • The Chhattisgarh poll result outcome must come as an icing on the cake for the BJP for sure. None of the pre-poll predictions gave an iota of chance to the BJP but the undercurrent against the incumbent government was largely ignored looking at the eventual outcome. The stunning win in Chhattisgarh must come as a huge factor for the BJP whose electoral machinery will be further energized to go for the jugular for the big challenges ahead. Make no mistake, the Narendra Modi factor is proving to be not only decisive for the saffron brigade but there’s no doubt whatsoever that he is the face of the party whose popularity remains undiminished. Despite winning Telangana, Congress must be heading to the drawing board to revisit its narrative.