The Political Narrative Being Bandied About By the Parties are Irrelevant!

National Democratic Alliance
  • As you are aware, the entire country is gearing up for the mother of all elections – the Lok Sabha polls – which will be happening in the next few days. With the announcement of the dates for the polls by the Election Commission of India, the political parties have/are in the process of naming the candidates to the constituencies as well as commencing the grueling campaigning amid constantly rising political temperatures. Indeed, the political temperature is heading northwards as the mainstream parties train guns and ammunition on the opposition with invented or manufactured narratives to pin. Ideally speaking, the common citizens of the country would be wondering what ultimately should matter is the developmental agenda for the future and how it benefits people at large. Sadly, the narrative in the Indian political scenario is something else.

National Democratic Alliance

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  • Note that the entire country is polarized on communal versus secular lines since the labyrinthine caste conundrum significantly dominates the political landscape. Despite assertions to improve the lot of the people irrespective of caste, creed, class, religion, language, and ethnicity, the Indian political narrative is sadly structured on caste lines. Every political party and its leaders wish to consolidate assiduously built vote bank on caste lines. Parochial considerations dominate the narrative despite leaders representing various ideologies/philosophies prophesizing all-round inclusion benefiting everybody. Ever since the Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance assumed power at the Centre, the polarization has assumed more significance.
  • Ideally speaking, every political party bandy developmental and growth-oriented planks as the most avowed strategic policy to not only garner the attention of the people from all hues but also assure the global community as to where the country’s forward direction is eventually headed. Unfortunately, the Indian population is hearing incessant mudslinging, unsubstantiated allegations, uncouth accusations, unwarranted below-the-belt remarks, offensive and counteroffensive narration akin to character assassination, and raking up historically irrelevant incidents/episodes to create an unnecessary storm in the cup. Has our political class simply been unaccustomed to offering us workable but palpable solutions for the larger good of the country?

National Democratic Alliance

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  • Unfolding events amply demonstrate how our political class has denigrated to such a level largely forgetting about the country’s trust in our leaders to make progress on expected lines. India is an aspirational society that expects living standards to improve on a perpetual basis. Sadly, what is on display is anything but constructive to the very fabric of our democratic credentials with accusations and counteraccusations flying thick and fast from every corner. Mind you, we ordinary citizens, wish to witness a clean administration with plenty of job opportunities under strong law and order implementing machinery ensuring the Constitutionally guaranteed rights are upheld. Will we get to see civilized narration? Not at all. Expect even more vituperative attacks henceforth.

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