The Integrity of Several Competitive Exams are at Stake! NTA Must Pull up Socks!

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  • Most Indians wish to ensure their children are provided with quality education in a reputed institution by leaving no stone unturned in these fulfilling efforts. Right from birth, Indian parents make earnest attempts at inculcating the virtues of education to be imparted to prepare the future of the nation to be well-equipped to face the challenges forthcoming. Children too respond positively to the parents’ efforts to absorb all that a reputed educational institute has to offer to not only emerge a suitably rounded knowledge-wise but also prepared to take on the challenges life throws consistently at us. We are aware of how the education sector – especially the public sector – is not up to the mark in keeping in line with the fast-changing times.


PC: The Financial Express

  • The higher education that would be the gateway for professional courses is equally important to ensure the nation progresses on expected lines. If a nation must progress in line with the revolutionary advancements of the technology-driven initiative, higher education must be geared up to offer suitable platforms to mold students on every front. Unfortunately, there seems to be something fundamentally wrong with the way the National Testing Agency (NTA) is faltering while conducting competitive exams for these professional courses. It can be safely mentioned that the very integrity of several competitive exams is at stake of late. No less than the Supreme Court has put 7-year-old NTA on guard with its remark Sanctity has been affected, we need answers.
  • Multiple allegations of malpractices, and mismanagement of NEET, the elimination exam to select medical students, have not only caused an upheaval in the lives of over 13lakh students who qualified and their families. NTA’s mishandling has also compromised the consistency and integrity expected of India’s autonomous nodal exams administrator. NTA did itself no favors by being opaque, denying the allegations, and providing inadequate answers at the first instance of alleged irregularity of paper leak. This bane has pervaded across the country now. It was left red-faced when Gujarat and Bihar police made arrests – one lot for solving papers of six Gujarat candidates for Rs.10L each, another 13 for allegedly providing NEET-UG 2024 question papers and answers to 35 medical aspirants in Bihar.

NTA Exams

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  • NTA’s claims of tamperproof, smooth conduct of exams for 23L medical aspirants went poof once results showed inflated marks, clustering of toppers from specific tuition centers, and an amazing 67 toppers – in 2023, there were just two. The anomalies are dubious given the steep cut-off this year compared to last year. Questions on how the loss of time was determined to allot grace marks to over 1,500 candidates were met with misinformation. The response that login time was considered, as in the case of the online law test CLAT, falls flat. NEET is an offline exam. NTA has been shredding its credibility. A re-exam is no solution. NTA should get its house in order first before the 2024 NEET chaos leads to a class action/representative suit beyond PILs.