The Way Team India Bamboozled or Bumrahoed Pakistan is Fascinating!

Team India
  • The cricket connoisseurs around the world are quite aware of how any contest between India and Pakistan plays out. The contest not only attracts humongous attention months before the big day but also garners tremendous eyeballs from everybody associated with the game. Sponsors, broadcasters, organizers, media, fans, and of course, the entire cricket-playing countries would be looking forward to the India-Pakistan contest with bated breath. No wonder, every organizer wishes to make the hay while the sun shines fully knowing how the marquee contest between the two teams never fails to grab the headlines. However, it must be mentioned that Team India has often triumphed in ICC-sponsored events of late. Especially in the last few years, the results have gone in favor of Team India. Yes, Team India has largely upped the performances in recent times.


PC: The Indian Express

  • As you are aware, the ongoing T20 cricket World Cup is being played in the United States of America and the Caribbean Islands. Ostensibly, the ICC is leaving no stone unturned in expanding the reach of the game to some of the most attractive markets. Remember, the Indian and Pakistani diaspora spread around the USA is quite substantial. Hence, the ICC’s efforts at exploring the opportunities in the world’s richest country make economic sense. However, the pitches on offer in New York during the initial stage of the tournament are far from ideal for the T20 format. Cricket-crazy fans used to the slam-bang variety being dished out sixers/fours must be aghast at how the teams are struggling to put up decent enough scores on the board.
  • Yes, the group stage match between India and Pakistan was recently played on a Sunday and the expectations had reached fever-pitch anticipating a great game. The huge hype surrounding the biggest game of the tournament meant crazy fans from both India and Pakistan had trooped in from around the world to witness the match in full force. Yes, the Indian fans were not disappointed by the eventual outcome. But the same cannot be said about the Pakistani fans though. Team India scored a mere 119 in the allotted 20 overs batting first. The sub-par score meant the Pakistani side and the supporters would have thought the game was in their pocket. What transpired during the chase simply showcased how cricket is such a fickle game.


PC: Hindustan Times

  • Team India batters did struggle to score on a wicket that was aided by the initial burst of rains altering the conditions considerably. Indian batters were coasting along nicely mid-way through the innings, but rash strokes led them to lose seven wickets in a jiffy. Ordinarily speaking, the chase of 120 should not have been difficult for an international side. The Pakistani side was well on its way to registering a comprehensive victory against their arch-rivals. Thankfully, Jasprit Bumrah dons the India jersey, and he simply came out with a superb bowling display disallowing Pakistan to win. His miserly three-wicket spell proved the turning point ending in Team India winning the match by six runs. Indeed, the dominance of Team India over Pakistan continues.