It’s Strange How the BJP Could Look the Other Way When Manipur Continues to Burn!

  • As you are aware, the volatility unfolding in Manipur on the back of sectarian violence in the last several months has caused considerable loss of innocent lives and inconvenience to thousands of citizens from the region—the violence between the two ethnic communities viz. Meitei and Kuki have completely paralyzed the state of Manipur with no signs of violence abating shortly. Of course, the issue flared up during the election year when the ruling dispensation at the Centre, the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance, was left red-faced with the mounting violence leading to the loss of lives. The opposition led by the Congress grabbed the opportunity to corner the Centre questioning its inability to administer law and order on expected lines.

Manipur Fire

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  • It is surprising to note that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is usually quickly off the block to condemn any attack being perpetrated by the perpetrators in the country chose to exercise caution on the matter. He was not as forthcoming as he usually is, allowing the opposition to gleefully escalate the matter to pin down the government on the mat. Now that the Lok Sabha polls are concluded, results are out, and the new NDA government has assumed office yet again, the burning matter must be addressed forthwith. Here, the remarks of the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat make a valid point on Manipur singling out the prevalent situation as the one needing to be addressed on a topmost priority basis.
  • The new Union Minister for the Northeast must make the state his priority. RSS chief’s point on the contrast between the scale of wreckage in the state and the attention it received during the long national election, is spot on. A brutal civil war has divided the state into Meitei and Kuki areas, with neither tolerating outsiders. And while GOI has poured security resources into the state what has been missing is a similarly muscular political response. This is the only way to achieve a real solution. Remember, the Congress launched its Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra from Thoubal, when the state govt refused permission for it to start from Imphal. That it has now won both Inner and Outer Manipur LS seats is being seen as a clear thumbs down to the double-engine sarkar.

Manipur Fires

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  • But while voters may have high expectations that the two new MPs will help alleviate their sufferings, the heavy lifting has still to be done by the central and state governments. For many experts, the CM has been part of the problem from the very start, and therefore cannot be part of the solution. He is widely perceived to be partisan. His administrative failures are in plain view. Why is he still there? A plausible reason is the massive mandate he delivered for the BJP in the 2022 assembly elections. Return to normalcy won’t be possible without setting accountability for the current state of anarchy. The violence is spreading across too. Since Manipuris have been failed by all levels of government, repair must also take place at all levels.