The Indian Citizens Generally Suffer from Amnesia, Overlooking Lurking Dangers!

  • The discerning people would have noticed a typical phenomenon pervading in the Indian milieu crisscrossing the length and breadth of this glorious country. As diverse, vibrant, and intriguing vast swathes of the habitation dotting the landscape showcases our beautiful land, there are also several idiosyncrasies associated with the populace adding to the overall divergence visible around. We, the citizens, are always found to be extremely reactionary as can be seen from passionate, emotional, and sensitive communities on certain issues. There are few piquant issues like religion, caste, creed, class, status, gender, politics, and of course, cricket never fails to draw varied reactions from different quarters as each one of us feel entitled to voice opinions.

PC: Rachel Hosie

  • Add to that list the anti-Covid vaccine as well. During the peak of the ravaging Covid waves witnessed during the last eighteen months, all of us became medical experts on the dreaded virus in more ways than one belting out dos and don’ts with panache. Out came ancient and handed over the generation home remedies largely aimed at building the immunity to tackle the dreaded disease. Since the virus outwitted every conceivable remedy on offer, including the scientific and medical fraternity battling an unknown enemy, Indian citizens were at it again raising hue and crying about failing to come out with effective vaccines to fight the virus.
  • When the medical fraternity eventually succeeded in inventing indigenous vaccines, people were found to be apprehensive to receive the jab. Despite the authorities going all out to educate and impress upon the populace to get inoculated, there was hesitancy in the initial days before better sense prevailed. Then followed the supply side challenges where inadequate availability of vaccine proved to be a dampener for a while even as people surged in huge numbers to get jabbed. No sooner the supply side challenges of vaccines were addressed satisfactorily leading to a majority of the eligible adults receiving at least one jab, the typical nature of our inherent complacency on matters of relevance set in as crores due to receiving the second jab continues to pile.

PC: Veenu Manoharan

  • Last heard, there are more than 12 crore adults already overdue to receive the second jab. The tendency of the people to ignore the lurking dangers so soon despite witnessing the devastating second Covid wave just a few months back aptly mirrors our characteristic attitude. Rather than develop a protective shield by getting fully inoculated, crores of people not coming forward to complete the process simply defy logic deserving widespread condemnations, no less. Berating the government for lack of action comes easy to us. But failing to join hands with the authorities even though free doses of vaccines are made available speaks volumes about our selective amnesia ignoring the impending perils without considering the possible repercussions.
  • Thus, It is incumbent on our part too to contribute to the process, and as such, let us not obfuscate our responsibilities to the larger good of the society. An impassioned plea to all those who are yet to take a single jab and to those overdue to receive the second jab, go out and get inoculated.

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