The Importance of Road Safety Products to Prevent Accidents


Road safety products are the need of the hour. With globalization and industrialization peaking in India, everyone has become a road user in one way or the other. Either they are driving a vehicle or simply playing their role as a pedestrian. Regardless of that, they must pay attention to road safety at all times.

Roads have simply reduced the distance between people but put people at higher risk of getting into an accident. The case is so severe in our country that about 80 thousand people die in road accidents every year. The numbers keep on increasing with every passing. It is a real shame that people are careless and reckless on the road. So much so that it takes their life.

It is astounding how India accounts for only 1% of the total vehicle population of the world. However, the rate of accidents in India is about 6% of the global accidents. This clearly points out the carelessness of people here.

The awareness of road safety products is an integral part of everybody’s life. Most accidents take place because the person is unaware of the road safety rules. Other times they’re just oblivious or careless. It is important to pay attention on the road and note all the rules while driving or walking on the road. This can make the roads safe for everyone and bring the number of road accidents down.

In this article, we will walk you through the basics of road safety and its importance. We will also explain the number of road safety rules that you need to follow.


What is road safety?

Road safety refers to the measures, ways, and means undertaken to reduce the risk of road accidents and damages. It is done to keep everyone on the road safe and secure.

Road accidents occur due to blunders committed by people on the road. Most accidents on the road are contributed by people who are speeding or driving above the set speed limit. They can do that out of recklessness, carelessness, or maybe under the influence of friends, family, or intoxicants. This not only endangers the life of the driver and the people with him but also keeps the people on the road at risk.

In 2021, approximately 1,55,622 deaths due to road accidents took place. There is a clear increase from the numbers from last year which accounted for 1,33,201. It is shocking how road accidents account for the most number of accidents in India. Railway accidents stand at only 16,431 deaths in 2021.

Road safety is important for people belonging from all walks of life. Be it a child or an adult, road safety is important for all. Every day, a lot of people are affected by road accidents. They are motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, passengers, and so on.

The people riding two wheelers are at the most risk of getting into road accidents. In 2021, 69,240 deaths were reported due to two wheeler accidents on the road. This is about 44.5% of the total death count due to road accidents.

Everyone should be fully aware of the road safety rules so that they do not hurt themselves or others on the road. We must educate our children about this from the beginning. Children and young adults are at the greatest risk of getting into road accidents or injuries than anyone else.

In data released by the World Health Organization in 2008, it was claimed that road trauma is the leading cause of death for most people who get into road accidents and make it to the hospital alive.

We must have a thorough look at all the road safety rules that one should follow.


What are road safety rules?

There are various road safety rules that everyone should follow in India. These are:

● You must always drive on the left side of the road. This way the other vehicles can surpass you from the right side.

● You should always overtake from the right side and not the left.

● If you’re being overtaken by a vehicle, please do not speed up. You should drive at the normal speed and let the other vehicle overtake you peacefully.

● You must always slow down in front of emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire engines. You should give them enough space on the road and move to the side.

● When crossing an intersection, you should be extra careful. Ensure that you’re not causing any issues to other vehicles.

● Read all the signs about the intersections or crossroads ahead carefully. Drive slowly about them. Be extra careful for blind turns.

● You must use the indicators on your vehicle to let others know about the direction you will be taking ahead. If you have a damaged indicator, you should make use of hand signals to convey the same.

● Never park your vehicles on zebra crossings and let the pedestrians cross them peacefully.

● Slow down in front of schools and hospitals to let the others cross.

● You are eligible to take a U-turn on the road only when a warning sign is absent. Before you take a U-turn, you should carefully convey the others with an indicator.

● Be extra careful on one-way roads. Make sure you drive in the permitted area only. Do not reverse park in such a place.

● Do not park your vehicle in the middle of the road. This can cause inconvenience to others.

● Be careful on stop lines. Always stop your vehicle before them.

● Follow the traffic lights diligently. Do not over speed or break the rules.

● The registration plate of your vehicle should always stay intact. If it gets damaged, get it replaced as soon as possible.

● You should not honk aimlessly on the road. Make sure to not honk around schools or hospitals.

● Make a safe distance from all the other vehicles on the road. Do not drive too close to them.

● You should have a good view of the road ahead. Keep your windshield clean and clear for this purpose.

● You should not drive when you are sick, disturbed, or under the influence of alcohol.

● You should have all the important documents handy.

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Why is road safety important?

Roads are of prime importance in today’s world. If road safety is not taken into consideration, it can lead to severe problems later. It can affect the life of the injured for time immemorial. The importance of road safety is as follows:

● It is important because it risks the lives of others. It can lead to serious injuries and even death if road safety rules are not followed. It not only puts your life at stake but also the lives of several others.

● If you do not follow the rules carefully, you need to pay a fortune in repair costs if an accident takes place. Although your insurance company may take care of most of the damages, you still have to give your time and effort in dealing with the whole issue. It also means that you’ll have no vehicle to commute till your vehicle undergoes repairs.

● In case of an accident caused by you, you are eligible to be sued in court. You need to hire an attorney to take things forward. You need to pay a hefty fee to the lawyer and deal with the trauma of landing up in jail.

● If you do not obey the safety rules, you are most likely to incur a charge or ticket for your disobedience.

All these factors contribute greatly to the importance of road safety in India. You should follow all the rules diligently or you’ll end up paying the price for your carelessness.

What are road safety products?

Apart from the road safety rules issued by the government in every country, there are several road safety products to help people stay safe on the road. These products are dedicated to the welfare of the general public on the road.

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These products are:

● Parking Barriers

Parking barriers are used to stop vehicles on congested or crowded roads from going further. It helps in the prevention of damage or accidents in crowded areas. It forces the driver to slow down and park their vehicles in the designated area. It also keeps the others safe on the road.

● Speed Breakers

Speed breakers can be either made on the road with a hump or can be put there deliberately. These breakers are made up of plastic and sturdy material to hold

their ground. They are placed in areas with high traffic and crowds. It works as an element to calm the traffic down. It ensures that the driver slows down at the spot and does over Overspeed. It keeps everything under control.

● Traffic Cones

Traffic cones have a variety of purposes. They are either used to bring the traffic under control or to inform the driver of issues or restrictions ahead. It can also symbolize a possible roadblock or a restricted area. In India, it can also mean that the road is closed for construction purposes. All in all, it urges the driver to stop or slow down.

● Road Barriers

Road barriers are usually kept on dividers that usually separate roads. It is done so that the driver has more visibility of the dividers and does not crash into them unknowingly.

● Road Fences

The road fences are put up to protect the construction workers from passing vehicles on the road. This acts as their protective shield. It ensures that the driver does not Overspeed or crash into a construction site. It also protects the lives of the construction workers. It is usually done to redirect vehicles on the right path except for the constructed road.

Final Words

Road safety is one of the greatest concepts of today’s time. Everyone should be fully aware of this. You should follow all the rules and regulations that have been circulated to the general public by the government. You should have a thorough knowledge of road safety signs, symbols, and products. You should know what they mean and denote. Lastly, you should always be careful and less distracted on the road as one glance away can lead to a fatal accident.

Be safe and let others be safe.