The BCCI Mandarins Must Quickly Ensure the T20 League Retains Competitiveness!

  • For cricket connoisseurs around the world, the shortest format of the game T20 is not something enthusiastically spoken about since they consider the classical format as the real sport. Cannot disagree with the assessment for sure. The classical five-day Tests always offer a level playing field for both the bat and the ball with an even contest making it more alluring for the connoisseur’s taste. Undeniably, the traditional format indeed offers such keen contests between the two evenly balanced sides that it takes the game of cricket to another level altogether. Conversely speaking, the introduction of the shortest T20 format increasingly appears to be heavily favoring the dominance of the bat over the ball taking the competitive edge out of the equation.

T20 League

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  • All the new rules and regulations being introduced simply favor the batting side with the bowlers rendered as mere cannon fodder for the bludgeoning blades of the batters. The shorter boundaries, the flattest of flat pitches, the impact substitute rule, field restrictions, and heavy bats have made the lives of bowlers completely miserable. The slam-bang variety starts the proceedings right from the first delivery with the batters going hammer and tongs against the hapless bowlers. The plight of the T20 bowlers has been reduced to mere restrictive line proponents rather than aiming to get wickets to stop the run flow. What started as a novel experience in the beginning is turning out to be an eyesore now with the competitive edge sorely lacking.
  • Forget about cricket, any team sport for that matter must be competitive with the contesting entities provided with equal opportunities as well as a fair chance to come out on top. By robbing the bowlers of their bread and butter vis-à-vis, providing a pitch that has something on offer severely becomes one-sided in favor of the batting side. Yes, the sponsors, the paying public – especially the younger generation, the franchise owners, the television broadcasters, and the millions of television watchers wish to be entertained with cracking batsmanship involving sixes and fours. As the novelty factor of entertainment wears off and viewer fatigue sets in, questions about sustaining the game’s interest assume paramount importance. As it is happening now.


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  • The ongoing edition of the IPL has witnessed some of the most incredulous totals being scored and chased with ease and aplomb. Setting a target of 287 in 20 overs is simply unbelievable. Several scores over 250 have already been set/scored speak volumes about how the T20 format has evolved over the years. What once used to be a par score of 150-60 runs is a cakewalk now. The new par score is not less than 220 runs. Anything less than this is construed as easily achievable with a couple of over to spare. The BCCI mandarins should do some soul-searching to ensure the format’s interest doesn’t suffer with the routine onslaught of bowlers. Keep the impact rule, if it can’t be removed, but ensure the wickets have something for the bowlers.