Team India Captain Rohit Sharma is Struggling to Score Big Runs!

Rohit Sharma
  • Cricket connoisseurs would have realized how Team India captain Rohit Sharma is struggling to score big runs of late that would otherwise impact the overall well-being of the outfit. Mind you, Rohit is a proven cricketer who has served the interest of the team with a high degree of consistency, and across formats as well as in diverse playing conditions. His impactful batting over the years has been a treat to watch, envied, applauded, and allowed us to soak in the masterful display. When in full flow, there is no better sight than to watch Rohit lord over the hapless bowlers by showcasing a dazzling range of stroke play that will leave you amazed. Such is the prowess of the acknowledged batsman who can pulverize the opposition ranks on his day.

Rohit Sharma

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  • Of course, the recently concluded 50-over World Cup saw how Rohit went about giving Team India spectacular starts by attacking the opposition bowlers right from the word go. However, cricket enthusiasts with a keen eye for the details would have noticed Rohit also did not succeed in scoring big runs except on a couple of occasions. He did score a big hundred against Afghanistan but could not score a few more when the opportunity was present to take it. There’s no disputing the fact that Rohit set the tone for the innings allowing his teammates to take time to settle down rather than worry too much about the run rates. His scoring rate during the powerplay usually placed the opposition on the backfoot allowing the following batsmen to score freely and big.
  • The lack of big runs in the all-important World Cup finals must have forced the think tank and the keen observers to question what could have been the scenario if Rohit allowed himself some more time rather than go hammer and tongs against Aussie bowler Glen Maxwell. With the benefit of hindsight, it’s easy to form conjectures and question Rohit for Team India’s failure to cross the final hurdle. Many would say it’s history now, and rightly so. Continuing the trend, the ongoing five-match Test series between India and England has seen Rohit getting out even after having a decent enough start to the innings. Remember, in the absence of talismanic Virat Kohli, it was expected that Rohit would step up and score heavily leading the inexperienced batting lineup.

Rohit Sharma

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  • As we know, England not only put up a better show than the home team in spin-friendly conditions but also subdued Team India comprehensively. What was more glaring during the first Test in Hyderabad was the way Rohit led the team by adopting a defensive and timid approach against the visiting opposition. Especially, the way the batsmen were found stuck to the crease rather than using their feet to negotiate spinners was glaring. Also, Indian spinners came unstuck when English batsmen adopted counterattacking measures like sweeps and reverse sweeps, which saw Rohit losing composure on more than one occasion. As you read this, Rohit has failed in the first innings of the ongoing second Test in Vizag. He must score big if Team India wishes to win the series.

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