Provisioning Basic Infrastructure in Cities Should be Prioritised By State Governments!

  • India is an aspirational country aiming to strike big in the fast-altering geopolitical and geostrategic scenario by positioning itself as an economically strong entity that cannot be pushed around anymore. The heft, traction, attention, and acceptance gained by the Indian leadership over the last few years have been phenomenal, to say the least. The incumbent government at the Centre must be duly credited for the way India has scaled up economically despite the global community encountering several debilitating challenges courtesy of the pandemic and wars. When even the most advanced nations are struggling to stay afloat in the face of mounting fiscal challenges, the Indian establishment initiated prudent fiscal measures that have helped the nation immensely.

Basic structure

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  • Now, one of the most critical aspects for the country to grow economically is to generate substantial employment opportunities, encourage businesses, invite foreign investors to invest, and emphasize strengthening extremely important sectors like infrastructure, healthcare, as well as education. The ease of doing business in the country largely depends on how the state and the central government ensure adequate provisioning of crucial infrastructure essential for the investors to press ahead. The absence of adequate infrastructure vis-à-vis skilled manpower, efficient law and order machinery, a business-friendly environment, and basic amenities is bound to deter any investors from considering kicking off their endeavors.
  • As you are aware, it is equally important for the GDP growth to sustain domestic consumption as well apart from the foreign investors pumping in precious resources. It’s one part aspiring to become a developed country but to attain that demands huge contributions from all the stakeholders including the state government’s infrastructure development authorities. Apart from the business clearances, the prospective investors look forward to receiving support in the form of basic amenities like proper commutable roads, uninterrupted power supply, trained manpower, adequate potable water, and last but not least, formidable law and order implementing agencies that will extend all possible support when the situation demands.


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  • Unless the abovementioned issues are not taken up seriously and ensured on the ground, all talks about an aspiring country attempting to become recognized as a developed one will remain just that, mere talks. It’s not a tall order but calls for strict administration primed to ensure the atmosphere prevalent for the prospective investors is welcome. It’s worthwhile mentioning the progress made by the Union Transport Ministry over the years in building world-class roads in record times. It amply demonstrates that if the government departments earnestly decide to go about discharging their responsibilities, there can be no stopping our basic infrastructure from scaling up on desired lines. Hopefully, governments will push ahead on this front with intent.