Porsche Accident Case in Pune Shows how Pampared Child the Juvenile Was!

Porsche Accident Case
  • There’s something wrong with the way Indian parents – especially the well-heeled ones – are bringing up their children without apparently emphasizing healthy growth aspects. Mind you, India as a nation is blessed with rich traditions, cultures, heritage, and legacy that are not only widely appreciated all around the world but are also considered a great matter of pride for every Indian. One of the most held beliefs is to allow our children to grow with humility respecting every other human being without any prejudice. Right from birth, we are taught to be respectful in our disposition by none other than our parents, teachers, elders, well-wishers, and the like. Yes, all of us may not turn out to be on expected lines. It’s accepted as well.


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  • However, there is no disputing the fact that most of the parents would wish their children to be well behaved following the age-old traditions judiciously. This phenomenon is seen in every household irrespective of societal standing. The moot point to ponder over here is whether some of us are failing in our avowed responsibilities by allowing too much leeway to our children, especially by affluent families. There have been several instances in the last few years when children from rich families are found to be involved in high-handed indulgences resulting in catastrophes. As you are aware, the Pune Porsche incident allegedly involving a 17-year-old boy that resulted in the death of two IT professionals grabbed the nation’s attention like never before.
  • As is the case with high-profile personalities/businessmen, the instant case would have gone unnoticed or brushed under the carpet but for the relentless media glare forcing the authorities to act accordingly. The question to be raised here is why a 17-year-old was allowed to drive a premium car in the first place. Most appallingly, the boy was found drunk also begs the question as to how the juvenile was allowed to consume liquor at such late hours. There are three issues here. First, the underage boy was driving the car without a license. Second, he was drunk and drove it without a nary of worry for the safety of commuters. Third, why do the parents allow the boy to be out at such an unearthly hour to visit pubs and consume liquor?

Porsche Accident

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  • Prima facie, the boy appears to be not only a pampered one but also showed a sense of entitlement by gross misconduct of drinking and driving resulting in the loss of two innocent lives. Are the parents not to be blamed equally here for simply disregarding the accepted social norms to inflict life-long damages to the families of the two lost innocents? A sense of entitlement pervading in such affluent families is increasingly becoming obvious. The onus squarely rests with the parents to ensure valuable life lessons are inculcated in their children. Pampering young ones with whatever demands are forthcoming simply fosters a sense of entitlement resulting in careless behavior. This should not be allowed to be fostered anymore. The juvenile must be tried as an adult. The message should go loud and clear to society that such recklessness will not be tolerated.