Opposing for the Sake of Opposing Reeks of Pettiness!

  • The Indian political scenario is vertically divided between the two main national parties alongside other parties supporting them has been well-established in the last few years. The polarization of society is complete with the secular and communal angle taking precedence over the narration quite forcefully during this period. Add to the already boiling political conundrum the issue of caste, quotas, and reservation, the narrative becomes even more muddied leaving ordinary citizens to wonder what’s happening with the leaders who are entrusted with driving the country in the right direction.

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  • Of course, we know how the political parties irrespective of ideologies/affiliations would leave no stone unturned in pushing ahead with their parochial considerations. No guesses there. Any issue with the potential to whip up collective emotions will be embraced without any second invite by the political leaders always on the lookout to score brownie points with the assiduously built vote banks. Over the years, the attacks on leaders from various parties have grown exponentially. Right from personal to professional extremely petty and embarrassing attacks have become the norm rather than an exception.
  • Vituperatively going hammer and tongs just for the sake of attacking opposition leaders simply showcases the petty mentality of certain leaders which definitely will not cut ice with the comprehending public. Take for instance how the scion of the Grand Old Party has ridiculed the Indian Prime Minister for his welcome gesture towards the losing cricket World Cup finalists. The entire country was devasted when an overwhelming favorite to win the World Cup final was bested by Team Australia at Ahmedabad. Team India’s defeat was not only heartbreaking but also disappointing for many of us who were rooting for the host nation to go the distance.


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  • It was not meant to be. However, the Prime Minister who was present during the later part of the second innings to do the honours of felicitating the winning team initiated a heartwarming gesture of visiting Team India’s dressing room after the event. He was seen consoling and motivating the despondent players and the support staff with genuine warmth and understanding. This gesture showed how the PM was concerned about the situation unfolding among the players. As is its wont, the Scion jumped into the fray by not only denigrating the PM’s much-appreciated gesture of visiting the Indian cricket team dressing room but also addressing him in a derogatory manner.
  • This is simply uncalled-for laying bare the pettiness of the Congress leader who always goes the extra mile to throw mud at the gentleman holding the highest executive post of the country. Seeing politics in everything and anything does little to uphold the dignity of the Congress leader who has developed a habit of shooting from the mouth without comprehending the sensitivity and/or acceptability of the situation. Mind you, the PM has been extremely supportive of every sport, not only cricket. His simple gesture of uplifting the morale of Team India players should not be seen in the prism of politics. The Congress scion has crossed the limits of decency.

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