New Year Usually Nudges People to Come Out with Resolutions! Will It Stay?

  • Any new stuff, issue, and even a thought for that matter usually evoke a sense of excitement if one stays positive enough to comprehend what is being bandied about. Mind you, the very mention of new is bound to make us feel thrilled anticipating with bated breath what is in store. I am sure many would nod in agreement that right from buying a new set of clothes to gadgets to accessories to acquisitions of diverse usages, a mere mention of new simply alter our usual disposition. This phenomenon applies to the new calendar year as well. As you are aware, the world over, the new year is not only keenly awaited by the majority of citizens but also earmarked as a day for coming out with resolutions, promises, resolves, and commitments.

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  • Hardly a minuscule percentage of people would wish to skip the new year celebrations that would have otherwise been planned weeks in advance. The usual revelry associated with a new year celebration cannot be explained but should be experienced in person. Ask those die-hard party hoppers what a new year revelry means. An equally important trend closely related to the new year is people making up their minds to come out with resolutions, some forcefully and some willingly. The most commonly known resolution is to start exercising, followed by quitting habits like drinking or cutting down on food by resorting to healthy diets. Of course, it should be lauded that individuals’ are seriously considering changing some of their less-yielding habits.
  • The moot point to ponder over here is how effectively those impassioned resolutions get implemented on the ground. Will it be diligently pursued forever or at least on a perpetual basis? Does it get lost after a few initial days of adrenaline rush? Are there enough people out there who are strong-willed to not let the challenges of daily life come their way? How about staying immune from allurements, distractions, and impassioned pleas from the nearest and dearest to break the self-imposed curtailments just for one day? Not for nothing, many wise men have mentioned time and again that it’s easy to bombastically proclaim resolutions but extremely hard to follow them up with due diligence over a period. Did you know January 18th is called a quitter’s day?

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  • Because the majority of us would wilfully let go of our resolutions in a matter of days by allowing inducements to get over commitments. As you may be aware, anything practiced for 21 days usually forms a habit but those initial days are the most challenging to not only force the mind to follow the intended practice but also to move ahead nonchalantly despite facing a multitude of disruptions. Did someone mention mind over matter? Of course, it is all about controlling those negative urgings to seek a way out from encountering tough situations to stick to what has been resolved. Takes some determined efforts to subjugate the wandering mind, you see. Not impossible but not easy either. Let’s give it a chance for 21 days. Any takers?