Israel-Iran Skirmishes Potentially can Open Another War Front!

  • The global community must be sweating over what is in store vis-à-vis aimlessly meandering along conflicts between Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Hames, respectively. The latest development would prompt us to lose sleep over the new war front that might potentially further exacerbate the already grave situation in the Middle East. In a matter of grave concern, Israel-Iran indulging in direct conflict in the already volatile region will only add to the increasingly vulnerable geopolitical circumstances that can span out of control in a matter of hours. In the last 4-5 years, the global community has been perennially subjected to challenges of great proportions starting from the once-in-a-century pandemic and followed by the ongoing conflicts mentioned above.


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  • Despite the global leadership led by the United States of America attempting to effectively reign in Russia with the imposition of sanctions has spectacularly failed to deter Moscow from pressing ahead. We know how the US’s all-weather ally Israel is extended with perpetual support of arms, ammunition, funds, and backing to take on the battered Hamas. However, the present unpleasant situation between Israel and Iran will leave the global community extremely worried in the event of a full-fledged war between the two. It would be catastrophic. Unlike on 07 Oct 7 last year, Israel’s defenses held up admirably against Iran’s attack this weekend successfully intercepting over 99% of the 300 drones, ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles fired by Tehran.
  • Note that this attack is historic because hitherto Iran had fought Israel in the shadows and by proxies. It also threatens to tip West Asia into a wider conflagration – even as Gaza is already laid to waste, and the Ukraine war has entered its third year. Agreed, condemning the attack is the easier part. What’s needed at this hour is to talk both countries down from the edge of wild escalation. Of course, there will be hardliners on both sides baying for escalation. And they all cite international laws very selectively. Iran retaliated against the April 1 Israeli strikes on its Damascus consulate within 13 days, but it hardly considers other countries’ diplomatic privileges sacrosanct. It describes the historic attack on Israel as legitimate self-defense. Israel is no different.


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  • As reported extensively, Iranian troops descended from helicopters last weekend to seize a commercial ship, as it passed through the Strait of Hormuz. Reason? Israel links. Worryingly, Indians form the majority of its crew. This is not the first time Indian sailors have been taken in as collateral damage. But any sustained disruption of energy supply will cause more broad-based hurt. The biggest immediate concern for the global community will be the oil supply and the subsequent escalation of prices with the disruptions. None of the countries would want to witness uncalled-for inflationary pressures. Remember, no war has ever brought anything but destruction. Both Israel’s and Iran’s leadership should show restraint for the good of the global community.

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