Is the Narrative About Dynastic Politics Make for a Compelling Read Anymore?

  • The Indian political scenario is enmeshed with several contradictory terms but used extensively to corner the opposition parties. What are those narratives that hit the headlines with such regularity? The dynastic politics, nepotism, quotas, reservations, caste, assurances, reassurances, promises, and selling the dreams. We are used to witnessing these narratives all the time, but this gets accentuated during the election campaigns. The ongoing Lok Sabha polls are exceedingly peppered with these narratives to not only impress upon the eligible voters but also consolidate the assiduously built vote banks to win over the mandate. One of the interesting debates that deserves a thorough understanding and introspection is about the perceived dynastic politics.



  • The Bharatiya Janata Party prides itself as a party with a difference. It never lets go of an opportunity to aggressively berate the Grand Old Party for sticking to dynastic politics and not allowing anyone other than the Gandhi family members at the helm of affairs. The argument is true to a great extent since Gandhi’s family members have held sway over the party for most of its post-independence existence. The moot point to ponder over here is whether encouraging dynasty is considered a sin in the political arena just because a political party incessantly targets the Grand Old Party. The answer must be in the negative for sure. Look at every other business enterprise or professional career of successful people. The anecdotes are quite revealing.
  • Let’s assess. The only common denominator that readily comes to one’s observation is the continuity of legacy. A doctor prefers his/her progeny to continue in the same profession. An engineer encourages his/her progeny to pursue the same. A successful businessman/woman would wholeheartedly push for the children to take forward the enterprise. Even some of the age-old professional trades like masonry, carpentry, tailoring, farming, the entertainment industry, and several other similar professions are likely to witness the next generation of children carrying forward the well-established legacy. As such, what is the harm in not only encouraging but also facilitating a politician from pushing ahead with children to don public life? It’s not a sin either.

dynastic politics


  • Alas! The saffron brigade going hammer and tongs over Congress’s inalienable preference for the Gandhi family does not cut much ice with the discerning public. There are several BJP leaders whose family members have been handed over the ticket to contest the ongoing Lok Sabha polls thereby negating the loud claim of denigrating dynastic politics. It’s easy to preach rather than practice, you see. Mind you, any field is competitive, and hence, if one must survive the choppy waters, only the fittest, the ablest, and the intelligent will survive. Politics is not an easy public domain to carve out a niche overnight. It takes a lot of ability, competitiveness, skillsets, and more to sustain. The BJP should be aware of this. Yes, dynastic politics is fine. Let’s not fret over it.